How To Make Money Online in Affiliate Marketing: 10 Free Resources

While every once in a while I do blog about things that are useful for affiliates, my blog is more advertiser/merchant- and affiliate program manager-oriented.

However, nearly every day I have people contacting me for “affiliate marketing tips” and “advice” on how to make money as an affiliate. Since the start of this week (i.e. in the course of the past 5 days) I’ve had 8 people (5 emails, 1 phone call, 1 LinkedIn message, and 1 blog comment) ask me to help them with affiliate advice. It just seems like a “perfect storm” situation, if you know what I mean… a perfect confluence of requests to make me put together the below list.

So, today I bring you 10 quality online resources to teach yourself affiliate marketing as an affiliate (the order is merely alphabetical, and all of these deserve your attention):

10 Free Online Resources on Affiliate Marketing

  1. a4u portal — UK-based performance marketing hub, which includes Europe’s largest affiliate marketing forum, news, jobs board, and blogs, which I especially recommend checking out.
  2. ABestWeb forum — The world’s largest affiliate marketing forum with 65,000+ members, and hundreds of thousands of discussions. Newbie FAQs is a good section to start your journey from.
  3. Affiliate ABCs podcasts — Series of podcasts by seasoned affiliate marketers, Deborah Carney and Vinny O’Hare, focused on affiliate education.
  4. Affiliate Summit forum — Official forum by and for Affiliate Summit attendees; one of the newer affiliate marketing forums, yet, one of the faster growing ones. Check out the Affiliate Q&A.
  5. Affilorama — A New Zealand-based “training and community site for aspiring affiliate marketers”. Check out especially their Affiliate Marketing Lessons section.
  6. FeedFront magazine — Official magazine of Affiliate Summit. The subscription is free, but online you may also view all previous issues (which date back to June 2008), as well as individual articles.
  7. How To Guide to Affiliate Marketing [for Affiliates] — 50+ affiliate questions answered by yours truly
  8. — James knows his thing. Make sure you check out his regular Affiliate Buzz podcast, as well as his blog.
  9. ReveNews — One of the oldest performance marketing publications, which since 1998 has been publishing online articles on affiliate marketing, and everything related to it.
  10. Revenue Performance — Originally published as the only print magazine on affiliate marketing. Now also has a website where you may review past articles.

Of course, merchants (and affiliate program managers) should bookmark these as well.

As always, if I have missed your favorite resource, please do mention it in the “Comments” area below.

6 thoughts on “How To Make Money Online in Affiliate Marketing: 10 Free Resources”

  1. Hi there Geno,
    Thanks for the list. I have just checked out some of your suggestions I didn’t know about.
    I also find some interesting discussions at

  2. That’s a great list. I just missed some other big forums and maybe affiliate program directories where affiliates can choose what deals they want to promote. But probably this article would be TOP20 then 🙂 Thanks for the great resource!

  3. Are you familiar with affiliate masters out of Florida. I just joined there program and I want to know the pros and con of dealing with this company. Thanks geno

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