5 Sessions Affiliate Managers Must Attend at Affiliate Summit West 2012

Affiliate Summit West 2012 is only some two weeks away, and today I’d like to draw your attention to the five breakout sessions that appear to be of immediate relevance to all affiliate program managers out there. These are also the sessions that I plan on attending.

Here they are (in chronological order) with original descriptions and links to speakers’ Twitter pages (where available):

1. Are Your Affiliates Adding Value?
Speaker: Adam Riemer
Description: This session will help you determine if your affiliates are adding value to your company or poaching sales from your site through adware, PPC, SEO, email, coupons, and more.
Date/Time: Sunday, January 8, 12:30pm

2. Recruiting Non-Traditional Value Added Affiliates
Speakers: Robert Glazer and Angel Djambazov
Description: Getting low value affiliates to join you program is easy. We’ll give you examples of outside the box recruiting ideas to find non-traditional affiliates to add value and drive incremental sales.
Date/Time: Sunday, January 8, 2:00pm

3. Advanced Affiliate Program Management & Analysis
Speaker: yours truly
Description: What is parasitism and channel cannibalization? What KPIs and metrics are important to analyze? How can competitive intelligence help you grow the program? We’ll tackle these & other vital questions.
Date/Time: Monday, January 9, 11:30am

4. 12 Out-Of-The-Box Affiliate Promotions
Speakers: Lindsey Savoie, Jamie Reardon, Jared Saunders, Missy Ward
Description: Inspire affiliate loyalty with unique, out-of-the-box affiliate bonus campaigns. Discuss the development, implementation, and analysis of these promotions!
Date/Time: Monday, January 9, 3:30pm

5. Advanced Affiliate Recruitment Strategies
Speaker: Mike Nunez
Description: Advanced techniques that Affiliate Managers can use to recruit affiliates into their program.
Date/Time: Tuesday, January 10, 2:00pm

The full Affiliate Summit’s agenda may be viewed here. Hope to see you in my session. As always, beside the content, I’ll also be giving away books.

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