Top 20 Affiliate Marketing Posts of 2011

It’s that time of the year when we’re analyzing, summarizing, drawing conclusions, and hopefully learning from the successes and failures of the year that’s coming to an end. In a similar tune, today I’d like to highlight the most popular (based on the engagement earned) of 232 blog posts of mine that have appeared in my blog in the course of this year.

Here are the top twenty (ranked by popularity), which you may find worth re-attending:

  1. Medvedev, Russia’s Investment Climate & Affiliate Marketing
  2. Aftermath of California Affiliate Nexus Tax Law
  3. Affiliate Marketing News You Should Be Aware Of
  4. 10 Affiliate Marketing Twitter Accounts to Follow
  5. The War Against Affiliate Marketing?
  6. Affiliate Management Conference Launched
  7. “Kickass Newsletter” Encourages Affiliates to Cheat
  8. Top 20 Affiliate Marketing Bloggers to Watch in 2011
  9. Why eBay is Suspending Loyalty Affiliates
  10. 10+ Affiliate Marketing Podcasts to Follow in 2011
  11. Bypassing the Affiliate: Coincidence or Strategy?
  12. How to Offer Coupons Through Affiliates Without Losing Your Shirt
  13. Puma Affiliate Program Manager Doesn’t Get It
  14. Cyber Monday 2011: 33% Spend Increase & Other Noteworthy Statistics
  15. Affiliate Marketing Program Yield: Stats and Conclusions
  16. 5 Claims That Turn Affiliates Off
  17. 20 Twitter Lists for Online Marketers to Follow
  18. Jeff Bezos Clarifies Amazon’s Stance on Affiliate Nexus Tax
  19. How To Make Money Online in Affiliate Marketing: 10 Free Resources
  20. Affiliate Marketing Explained in 88 Words

I hope you’ve had a great Christmas with family yesterday. The New Year is coming in just 5 days. Let it be even more bright, vibrant and exciting (all in good ways, please) than 2011!

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