Honored to Have Bryan Eisenberg as Fan. You With Me on Facebook?

Yesterday I realized that, regardless of the fact that nearly every one of us is on Facebook, out of tens of thousands of my blog’s visitors only 299 (well, I did think the number was a bit higher, as you can see from the below screenshot) “liked” AM Navigator’s Facebook page (i.e. are following the affiliate marketing related news and thoughts I post on Facebook).

Yesterday we’ve crossed the 300 mark (and I’m certainly honored to have Bryan Eisenberg himself as a “fan” #300), but c’mon, folks! There are nearly a hundred times more readers in my blog every month. Come follow us on Facebook as well!

2 thoughts on “Honored to Have Bryan Eisenberg as Fan. You With Me on Facebook?”

  1. Sounds like your definition of “linkbait” matches that of Matt Cutts who back in 2006 said that anything “interesting enough to catch people’s attention” is linkbait.

    At any rate, glad you’ve found the title (and the post idea) enticing. But have you “liked”, or has it just remained a mere example of good attention-catching?

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