Happy New Year 2012!

I still cannot believe that 2011 is behind. I loved that year. It was by far the most fruitful one for me. During 2011 I published a new book, launched a new conference, participated in various educational projects (e.g.: LinkShare University), cut the time spent on blogging by 57.1% but registered a 57.5% traffic growth (funny correlation it ended up being!) spoke at 7 conferences, traveled to 7 different countries all around the world (Russia, France, Moldova, Germany, Israel, China, Mexico), and was also honored to be shortlisted and also win some of the most prestigious awards in the industry. So, it’s sad to see such a good year go, but there’s no use holding on to the past… So, today I tell you: Happy New Year!

I wish you a healthy, successful, and prosperous Year 2012!!

This year I’ve decided to keep my New Year’s resolutions very limited (made only two) and very focused. In the past I’ve learned it first-hand that broad, unrealistic and/or unmeasurable ones do not work [more about it here]. So, I’m staying focused and very concrete this year. I hope you are too.

Once again, Happy New Year 2012!! Onwards and upwards!!

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