Affiliate Summit West: Advanced Affiliate Management Presentation

Earlier today I’ve held my Advanced Affiliate Program Management & Analysis session at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, NV.

I do realize that with the four sessions running consequently some people, who may have liked to attend, couldn’t be in more than one place at the same time. Also, some of my blog’s readers emailed me that they aren’t going to the summit, but would love to at least see the slide deck for my presentation. Finally, due to the fact that some of the slides intentionally contained long text, I promised everyone who was present at the session that I’ll make my PowerPoint slides available in my blog by EOD today (I know that it will also be uploaded to Affiliate Summit’s SlideShare account later, but want to make it available to people while things are still fresh in everyone’s mind). So, here it is:


Advanced Affiliate Program Management

Here are also some important links mentioned in (or during) the presentation:

Thanks to everyone who was present there today. As always, it would’ve been a very different experience without you. So, I thank you for joining me. Also, separate thanks to Dave Cupples for this amazing recap of my session.

5 thoughts on “Affiliate Summit West: Advanced Affiliate Management Presentation”

  1. Good presentation shame I couldn’t be there, we all have slightly different challenges at the moment I’m dealing with growing traffic and number of active affiliates who don’t see the benefit of our programmes compared to competitors.

    Case studies, site stats, conversion stats, and incentives aside I will resort to threats now 🙂

  2. Shaeeb, Marc, glad you have enjoyed it. A couple of years from now Affiliate Summit will make the video public too [like this one which was made publicly-viewable not too long ago]. I may also do a video summary of my own (maybe breaking it all down in 5-6 sections). We’ll see… Keep following the blog. 😉

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