7 Affiliate Marketing Education and Training Opportunities

Between numerous affiliate marketing blogs, podcasts, forums and magazine publications, there certainly is no lack of online affiliate marketing education out there. However, when it comes to structured (or even face-to-face) learning, the real opportunities aren’t that many. Today I’d like to bring you seven that deserve attention.

Whether we talk about foundational learning and training (be it for affiliates/publishers or merchants/advertisers), or more advanced affiliate marketing education, I recommend considering the following seven opportunities:

1. Econsultancy’s Affiliate Marketing Training

Location: UK
Target audience: advertisers and affiliate managers
Instructor: Chris Bishop of 7thingsmedia
Fee: $800
: one-day course
Description: this training course which provides “a practical understanding of affiliate marketing, outlining the strategies, techniques and tricks to achieve a successful, well-managed programme”.

2. Affiliate Management Days next one on March 8-9 in San Francisco, CA

Location: USA
Target audience
: advertisers, affiliate managers, agencies, affiliate networks
Instructors: multiple experts
Fee: $1,495
Format: two-day professional forum
Description: this conference provides a unique opportunity for focused education (on a wide array of affiliate management-related subjects), as well as professional networking.

3. Affilorama’s Affiliate Marketing Training

Location: online
Target audience
: affiliates
Instructors: multiple experts
Fees: $200-$500 range
Format: online education, renewable access licences
Description: they offer a 3-product suite which includes three products — Affilorama Premium, AffiloBlueprint and AffiloJetpack — catering to different needs.

4. Affiliate Management Trainers

Location: virtual or in-person
Target audience
: advertisers and affiliate managers
Instructors: multiple experts
Fees: start from $300
Format: individualized training
Description: they custom tailor their training programs to address trainee’s individual needs (be it to “teach you the fundamentals” or to “refine your strategy”) to maximize their success in affiliate marketing.

5. James Martell’s SUPER BootCamp

Location: online
Target audience
: affiliates
Instructor: James Martell
Fee: $97/month
Format: online education
Description: “unique blend of recorded and live online events with an expanded curriculum, weekly video lessons, expert audio interviews, interactive 24/7 member community, twice a month live Q&A and personal coaching sessions”.

6. University of San Fancisco’s Certificate in Advanced Affiliate Marketing

Location: online
Target audience
: affiliates
Instructors: they rotate, but the full list may be found here
Fee: $2,480.
Format: online education
Description: they start with an introduction and “getting started” type of topics, and go on to/through “knowing your audience, maximizing effects from your efforts, connections and communications, legal and ethical considerations, what the pros know and case studies”.

7. Books

There are a few out there, but the three worth highlighting are (i) Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day, (ii), Strategic Affiliate Marketing, and (iii) The Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing on the Web.

Of course, do also consider forums such as affiliates4u, ABestWeb and Affiliate Summit‘s forum; as well as podcasts and affiliate marketing blogs (see my 2011 list as well as 2012 one). And make sure you steer clear of anything “overnight”, “passive”, “easy”, or “revolutionary”.

8 thoughts on “7 Affiliate Marketing Education and Training Opportunities”

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  2. All great suggestions! I will be at Affiliate Management Days in March and I’m really looking forward to it. I also like that #7 is (simply put) Books. I’d like to think people don’t forget about these as a resource, but sometimes I think it happens.

  3. Loved you post! thank you for listing all the great training opportunities here. I have been using some popular forums to get more information about the affiliates and how they work. but the problem is that the forums are full of spammers and their crappy stuff. These material will certainly help me in understanding the working opf affiliates better. As I am designer, i have been getting a lot of inquiries from affiliates, So I am sure the knowledge will help me in offering them better value for their products!

    1. Jeff, I agree, there are forums out there that “are full of spammers and their crappy stuff”. But do check out the three that I’ve mentioned at the end of my above post. Those are really good.

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