3 Articles Worthy of Affiliate Marketer's Attention

Numerous great articles and blog posts are being published every week. Today I’d like to shine a spotlight on three that were published in the course of this week, and that many affiliate marketers (especially affiliates, but also affiliate program managers) should find of interest. Here they are:

– 1 –

The Definitive Guide to Higher Rankings for WordPress Sites [see it here] — You may have seen my yesterday’s tweet:

It is no secret that many affiliates build their website on WordPress, including some really successful ones (e.g.: Logan Thompson once blogged that all of his sites are built on this platform). And while there exist great how-to type posts on how to build WordPress-based affiliate sites (e.g.: see this post by Joe Sousa, and this one by Eric Nagel), the above-quoted jewel from Joost de Valk is a must-bookmark for every affiliate. I don’t know of any better source on WordPress SEO.

– 2 –

4 Steps to Increase Click-Throughs & Conversions with Pinterest [posted here] — Many affiliates are already actively pinning, especially after the recent stellar webinar on the topic by Tricia Meyer. But how do we optimize things to reap more clicks, and, ultimately, conversions? This concrete, action-oriented article by Sherice Jacob will help.

– 3 –

Best States To Live As An Affiliate Marketer [read it here] — Relying on The Tax Foundation’s annual State Business Tax Climate Index report, the author of this article pinpoints both the best five, and the worst five states where you can live as an affiliate marketer. While I do not fully agree with the conclusions (I would much rather choose New Hampshire, Montana, Delaware, Oregon, and Alaska for the top five, as they do not have any sales tax, and the prospect of affiliate nexus tax ever being considered in these states, is very unlikely), it is nonetheless an interesting article to read.

If you’ve seen any other articles you’d like to mention, please do so using the “Comments” area below.

4 thoughts on “3 Articles Worthy of Affiliate Marketer's Attention”

  1. Hi Geno,

    I was reading your blog for the last couple of years and got many useful tips in regards of affiliation strategies.

    This article is not an exception and to add some value from myself I would like to point your attention to a platform called inQuber (inquber.com). It looks like pinterest in many ways, but together with it it is not its clone and has some added values and big plans over pinterest. I would be glad if it will have some interest to you.

  2. I created PinRedirect — it’s a WordPress theme that helps marketers post their affiliate links on Pinterest. Since we all know that now Pinterest strips Amazon links of your tags, using PinRedirect you can bypass this.

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