5 Online Resources to Follow News on Affiliate Nexus Tax

After last week’s good news from Colorado, an excellent one came from Maryland yesterday — “The Maryland legislature passed the budget last night, and the legislative session closed – without passing the affiliate nexus tax bill!” [more here]

Between these recent news and working on an article on the subject for the Summer 2012 issue of the Search Marketing Standard magazine I thought of compiling a list of online resources to follow if you want to stay up-to-date on the newest developments on the affiliate nexus tax front. So here is my list:

1. Performance Marketing Association — By far, the number 1 resource on the topic.

2. Affiliate Tax Laws at ABestWeb.com — A forum section devoted to online discussions on the subject.

3. Internet Retail Tax at CJ.com — An interactive map, reflecting the latest statuses by state.

4. Affiliate / Advertising Tax articles — Blog posts (and interviews) on the subject by yours truly.

5. NexusAware.com — Great resource for affiliates to search a database of 5,000+ merchants to check the merchant’s nexus status in any state.

If I have missed a resource that belongs to this list, please do mention it using the “Comments” area below, and I’ll make sure to add it too.

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