Affiliate Management Days West 2013: San Francisco v Las Vegas

As I am working on putting together an exciting agenda for Affiliate Management Days East 2012 (which per your votes is going to be held in Florida), I would like to also ask you to express your opinion on the location for Affiliate Management Days West 2013. We loved San Francisco as the city choice for AM Days West in the Spring of 2012. However, with our Spring 2013 conference we also have Las Vegas as an option.

Would you rather have us stay in San Fran, or move to Vegas, or does it really matter?

Please cast your vote below:

Many thanks in advance for your votes.

2 thoughts on “Affiliate Management Days West 2013: San Francisco v Las Vegas”

  1. I’m so glad the majority has voted San Francisco! I just got back into being an AM so I’m looking forward to attending next year as I heard great things about the one I missed in March!

    1. Yes, between “San Francisco” and “Either location” we have 3/4ths of the voters (which makes it a no-brainer). So, we are definitely gonna do it in SF in the Spring of 2013. Most likely those dates are gonna be April 15-16, or thereabout. So, mark your calendar; and see you there, Trisha!

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