AM Days East 2012: Boston Versus Orlando / Miami?

Nearly two weeks ago I started a poll, asking your help in picking the best location for Affiliate Management Days East 2012, choosing between Boston and Florida (it will be either Orlando or Miami). It was set up as a two-week poll, and we’re now on the homestretch — with the voting closing in just 22 hours. As of now, the poll has received over 1,100 views and 119 votes (thank you, all who have participated).

Since both a4uexpo London and PubCon are being held during the third week of October, we are shooting for the week after. So, think the fourth week of October.

If you haven’t yet voted, I’d like to invite you to vote below (before the poll closes):

Many thanks in advance for your votes; and should you have any feedback beyond the poll, feel free to post it as a comment under this post. Once again, thanks in advance for your help here.

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