Pay Per Call Performance Marketing: CTR, Conversion & AOV Data

It’s been a while since I have last blogged about pay-per-call performance marketing, and I’m glad that in a recent consulting session I was asked a question that I really didn’t have a good up-to-date answer to (which has made me dig into PPCall data, and, ultimately, gave birth to this post).

I’ve had a young affiliate network ask me if I have any data on how an addition of a PPCall program (to an existing online/traditional affiliate program) influences merchant’s and affiliate’s conversion rates (CR), EPC (average affiliate earnings or payouts per 100 clicks), and, most importantly, revenue. However broad the question was — the answer to it is highly contingent on such factors as the affiliate’s own effort, the exact niche/vertical we’re talking about, the individual merchant’s CR, AOV and payout levels, etc — I’ve reached out to RingRevenue‘s VP of Customer Development, Eva Klein, and she has kindly provided me with some fresh data. Eva wrote [emphasis mine]:

  1. Last month we shared the results of search marketer, imwave inc. improving click-through rates by 250% after including phone numbers in their search ads. In the past, Google reported click-throughs on mobile improve between 5-30% when phone numbers are included.
  2. Online click-based campaigns typically convert at between 1-3%. But phone calls convert between 30-50% of the time. Many verticals such as insurance, financial services, home services, higher education and high-end retail, are seeing great results with call-to-conversion rates between 30-50%
  3. The average phone order values 1.5-2x higher than online orders.

In addition to the above Eva added:

Not only does adding pay-per-call help increase revenue and aide in higher conversion rates, but advertisers often find that by adding PPCall, they are able to recruit more publishers into their program and expand across more media types (mobile, radio, TV, etc.)

For example, Progrexion began using call performance marketing in July 2010 and through their participation in the pay-per-call programs of the performance marketing networks was able to quickly scale their publisher base to more than one thousand approved publishers. After launching their pay-per-call program, Progrexion started seeing incremental sales and steady call volume in just the first week. Today they receive on average 300-400 calls per day and have seen 630% growth in sales from their pay-per-call campaigns with average month over month growth of 53%. Here is a chart of Progrexion’s client, Lexington Law, campaigns by media type:

You may read more about it in our Lexington Law case study here.

Interesting data for sure. If you aren’t yet complimenting your online affiliate program with a pay-per-call one, I hope the above data justifies why you do want to consider adding/starting one seriously.

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  1. Pay Per Call seems to be first choice for SMB’s and the most effective toll for site owners. The next generation of pay per call is the new technology of Pay per Talk which enables producing massive ad campaigns with unlimited No of publishers using few phone numbers AND controlling user’s browser while talking in order to track and support users purchase decision.

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