5 Success Tips for Affiliate Marketing Managers

A week ago Murray Newlands, grabbed me by the sleeve in the Affiliate Summit East 2012 Registration Area (as soon as I received my badge), and asked if I’d like to be interviewed for Performance Marketing Insider. “With pleasure” was my answer, and here is the video of that interview:


Among other good questions that Murray has for me, he asked if I have “five tips for affiliate management staff in networks”. I do, and not only for those that work “in networks”, but for all affiliate managers out there. They are:

Tip #1: Understand your affiliates — Do not do anything without fully understanding who you’re working with (and, consequently, what their needs really are).

Tip #2: Allow for transformation — Stay open to being transformed by your affiliates. Don’t assume that you know more than they do. There’s often a lot you can learn from them.

Tip #3: Stay updated — Stay on top of the things that are happening in the industry (by following PMA, news resources, blogs, and podcasts)

Tip #4: Participate yourself — Maintain your own blog, participate in affiliate marketing forums, and performance marketing conferences.

Tip #5: Get known — Through conference presentations, articles, strive to get known in/by the industry. This will help you build the necessary relationships and your own personal brand.

By the way, allow me to remind you that the second Affiliate Management Days conference is coming in just 7 weeks. If you’re an affiliate manager (or feel like you could benefit from an affiliate management conference), I do hope to see you in Southern Florida at our show! It’s also worth noting that if you register by September 7, 2012, you’ll still be able to grab that pass at an Early Bird Rate (saving $500).

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