7 Affiliate Coupon Feed Solutions to Automate Integration

Every major affiliate network offers coupon feeds. Here are just a few examples:

And you do not need to be a “coupon affiliate” to benefit from these. Per Forrester “online coupons and promotion codes positively influence the purchase cycle” [source: The Impact Of Online Coupons And Promotion Codes report | PDF here] increasing conversions for content, datafeed, paid search, and every other type of affiliates.

However, let’s face it: not all affiliates are tech-savvy enough to comfortably use the above-mentioned coupon feeds (and/or API). For those of us who aren’t, there are two options: (1) hire someone like Eric Nagel to help you integrate these feeds with your website(s), or (2) use a tool that will do it for you. Today I’d like to highlight 7 tools that will help you automate coupon integration into your websites. Here’s my alphabetical list (with links to Twitter support accounts, where available):

1. Coupilia — This Seattle-based startup offers “an automated XML coupon feed for online coupon sites and blogs.” You enter your affiliate ID and their coupons “become your coupons.” Plans range from $25/mo to $999/mo. 14-day trial available.

2. CouponFeed.net — This tool offers a number of “easy to integrate” solutions with daily updated “coupons delivered by XML feeds.” You may either pay “per merchant” ($12.99/mo for first merchant, and $9/mo for each additional), per category ($119/mo), per network ($359/mo) or get access to “all coupons available from Coupon Feed Services” for $799/mo.

3. FeedShare — Their EZ Coupons™ solution is being positioned as “the fastest and easiest way to add a dynamic data feed driven layout to your site”. In addition to this one, they also offer Web API which allows affiliates to pull coupon data from their database (in XML or RSS format) “in real-time … for use in your own custom solutions.”

4. FMTC  — This is one of the most powerful coupon integration tools out there. The solution “offers an automated, customized affiliate coupon feed which consolidates” 168,000+ deals from some 9,700 merchants “across all major affiliate networks.” They process nearly 20,000 new deals daily. The two key factors that set FMTC apart from the competition are (i) human-verified data, and (ii) well-organized and efficient support. Pricing: $100 – $1,995/month. 30-day free trial also available.

5. GoldenCAN — This is one of the industry’s older tools, primarily focused on product feeds, but it also has a Coupon Integration™ option which “provides an opportunity for the affiliates to display thousands of online coupons, promotions and recent price drops for the products of their selected merchant(s).”

6. PopShops  — Originally focused on product feeds, it now also offers a “coupons and comparison shopping” solution which at the time of this post encompasses “over 16,193 of deals and coupons from 4,489 merchants across all major affiliate networks.” These deals “originate from feeds, program newsletters, network dashboards, and even exclusive deals direct from the merchant.” Plans range from Free to $59.99/mo, with a 30-day free trial in place as well.

7. Feeds4.com  — Through this tool (its intuitive and easy to understand coupon datafeed) publishers have access to thousands of coupons and deals across 18 affiliate networks.  Feeds4.com helps affiliates automate their entire data entry process.  All plans include a 30-day free trial.  Prices range from $99-$499/mo.


BONUS: 8. iCodes — Per Kim Rowley‘s comment here, I’m adding this one to the list as well. Thanks, Kim!

BONUS #2: 9. Price Tapestry — Per Ruud’s comment, I am also adding this tool. Thanks, Ruud!


If I have missed a tool that you enjoy (or have developed!) as an affiliate, please be sure to post about it in the “Comments” area below. Many thanks in advance.

47 thoughts on “7 Affiliate Coupon Feed Solutions to Automate Integration”

  1. Your affiliates should always add value to your online store. In this case, “adding value” means driving online shoppers to purchase from your store through an affiliates’ own marketing efforts. These efforts include affiliates who run PPC campaigns, promote your store through their email lists, or help users comparison shop more easily (i.e. Kayak.com or ShopStyle.com). Instead, click-to-reveal coupon sites can often inject themselves later in the sales cycle as an afterthought of customers who were already prepared to buy.

    1. Luke, excellent points; and I’m happy to continue this discussion.

      However, since your “Name” was (originally) put in as “offshore bank” (and then your URL), I have a feeling you won’t come back.

      Please prove me wrong. I like your train of thought.

    1. Great input, Kim. Thank you for it. I’ll add iCodes to the list (as a bonus one; crediting you) as soon as I post this comment.

      And thanks for your feedback on FMTC. It’s always great to hear from those who have actually tried the tool.

  2. Geno, nice post. We also have another one for your list. That is
    LinkConnector’s Coupon/Promotions Feed. Affiliates can obtain the feed by pulling it directly from their Affiliate Manager interface. Otherwise, LC can FTP the feed file or the file may be pulled from the LC server. LinkConnector’s API can also be used to grab the feeds.

  3. Geno Prussakov,

    Can’t we scrape all the coupon sites and aggregate those rather than paying for coupon feeds?


  4. We are developing a Software Niche Coupon Code site and at this time we are searching for a feed solution that can cover all or most of:
    Digital River

    Any ideas or recommendations? Ive gone through your list in the post and most of the services are not that helpful.

  5. Surfmyads owns Promotionalcodes.com, couponwinner.com and more. We aggregate all of the networks MR discussed + additional exclusive deals we’ve worked with merchants with. We have feeds and all are 100% free. Happy to chat with anyone who might be interested.

    [email protected]

    1. Nick, are you saying that SurfMyAds also offers coupon feed integration solutions (like the above-mentioned tools/services) for affiliates? I always thought of your company as an affiliate (i.e. using your technology to power your own projects only).

      1. Geno,

        I’m new to the team and that’s my job, to get our feeds and coupons syndicated strategically! We’ve been working hard to secure exclusive coupons directly with merchants as well as source the highest converting deals from CJ & others so our partners won’t have to. Inquiries can be sent to [email protected]

        We’re very interested in optimizing feeds and revenue for our partners. There’s also some exciting new projects in the works.


        1. Nick, I’m sorry, but I’m still not 100% clear on this one. When you say “our partners” who do you mean?

          And if you do now provide a coupon integration solution to affiliates, where exactly may one learn more about this service (apart from emailing you)?

          1. We are building co-branded partnerships, Xfinity, being one, but any site that would like to generate revenue from our feeds would be considered a partner. Currently e-mailing me is the best way, we are in the process of a re-design and building some other tools.

  6. Gene – I talked to the person that owns formetocoupon and she told me that their service would not be good for what Im looking for which is mostly software related coupon codes. They dont seem to support the AF networks I want to integrate.

    As far as the surfmyads comment from Nick, I dont know why they would provide their feeds to another affiliate unless of course they left their AFF links intact and did some kind of revenue sharing deal.


  7. Just giving iCodes a shot right now. I haven’t heard to much on the U.S. side, so I’ll have to update my comment after we give it a fair shake.

  8. Any update on iCodes or Surfmyads.com? I need a datafeed that has grocery and department store coupons. Not sure if Popshop or formetocoupon offer both feeds.

  9. Hi Geno,

    I have an interesting solution : for years is already active pricetapestry owned by David Morison, from England UK, Stafford. Until now not listed above.
    He offers a datafeed import script, also the display by template and two methods of implementing vouchercodes. Not bound to affiliate networks and worldwide usable.

    And a lot of aftersales-support. Outstanding service. And yes, on many sites I am using his scripts.

  10. I am developing a mobile app which I intend to sell on subscription basis. I want to extend coupons/deals/discounts in all categories to my users on mobile app. Which has best balance between cost and comprehensive coupons.

    1. KT, in all honesty, I do not know if any of these will actually work for a mobile app. All of the above are pretty comprehensive (with ForMeToCoupon, probably, being one of the more all-encompassing), but it will all boil down to whether the tool will work for what you are aiming to do here.

      BTW, why sell the app? If you are going to link these through affiliate links, distribute it for free, marketing it as a comprehensive one-stop-shop for coupons. With the abundance of free apps already available (do your due diligence) you want to (a) be competitive (at least free too) and (b) stand out (offer something more than coupons; e.g. cashback, reviews, etc)

  11. That’s a great list Geno.

    I’m perhaps overly protective with regards to SEO rank however any kind of automated and duplicated content like this that’s used by multiple affiliates I’m not sure is wise.

    Just my opinion 😉

  12. Hi Geno,
    Great work and share. Very informative and practical. I am new to coupon niche and trying to make a WordPress site. Just bought an .info because all others were taken for the name I wanted. For a newbie with a low budget what are the platforms that provide the coupon feed free or on revenue share. Also which free WordPress theme will be ideal for this kind of website. Hope I am not asking too much.
    Thanks again for your post and insight.

  13. Hi Geno,

    Indeed, affiliates in the Avangate Affiliate Network can generate coupon feeds and also add specific filters so that only the products they’re interested in promoting will be listed in the feed.
    Related to discounting – another nice thing we offer our affiliates is the possibility of them generating their own coupons from the commission they receive per sale.

    1. The feed which avangate gives us is a general data feed not an exclusive coupon only feed.

      Hope you include that too in the near future.

  14. Hi this is great article. I have a doubt relating to this article topic. Let say i have a coupon website which is integrated with feeds from cj,Google Affiliate Network, LinkShare’s LinkLocator,
    LinkConnector,ShareASale,AvantLink. I am just displaying coupon codes, deals and not signing as affiliate. Now if i use skimlinks or viglink in my website will i be able to earn commission if someone buy products after clicking the coupon code in my website. is it possible to earn from this way?
    Hope my question is not confusing.

    1. Dhinesh, whether it is coupons or products that your website features (for the end user) you may use both affiliate networks (like CJ, LinkShare, ShareASale, etc) and (sub)affiliate tools (like solutions by Skimlinks, VigLink, Kehalim, etc) alongside. In the case with the networks you will have to have affiliate accounts open with each, whereas in the case with tools like Skimlinks and VigLink (which, essentially, operate as affiliates, and then redistribute their commissions to you) you will be paid by these services directly. Hope this addresses your concern, and do not hesitate to follow up with any additional questions.

  15. Hi Geno, thank you for mentioning us (prosperent.com). I just wanted to add that we also offer wordpress plugins for those that don’t know how to, or don’t want to work with an api. Our ProsperLinks javascript can also be used to turn non affiliate links into affiliate links automatically. We’re focused on building tools that make monetizing content easier for affiliates.

  16. Dear Geno Prussakov,
    I want to use a coupon feeds and a skimlink/viglink tool for reduce job: register as an affiliate and wait for approve.
    But, which is couponfeed support skimlink?
    I see For Me To Coupon write: Support skimlink but it’s too expensive for starter.
    Can you give me a suggest for: A good couponfeed, support skimlink and cheap price, accept trial.
    Thanks you

  17. Hello Geno,

    Do you know any daily deal aggregator feed solution(s) which does not cost a lot of money, I can spend upto 50-75 per month on a subscription, I tried to contact DODaggregator but they don’t seem to respond back to my questions.

    I found OWS Sotware coupondatafeed.com, do you know anything about them?


  18. Hello Geno,

    I did look at the FMTC, currently their lowest price is 250.00 per month. Please let me know if you know any other services besides that are listed above.



  19. Great list. I would suggest on thing, differentiating between actual sale item inventory embeds versus coupons, which are more general. Still, good stuff here. Just starting myself.

  20. Great list ! However, i would like to add another one to the list, Inventrik’s Vouchermatic. It is a voucher management system that has features such as analysis of campaigns, tracking of cash vouchers and user-friendly. Such features are definitely able to boost your voucher campaigns and improve your results for the future.

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