Increase Affiliate Earnings Opening Up To Guest Blog Posts

Note from Geno Prussakov: Two and a half months ago I opened AM Navigator to guest-blogging. The very next day we had our first-ever guest post by Graham Jenner. Today I welcome our newest guest blogger, Liliya Tyndyk. Enjoy her first AM Navigator post below.

Getting your website noticed and attracting potential buyers is vital to your success as an Affiliate. When Google issued their Panda and Penguin updates, websites that had first-rate content started getting higher rankings than those simply stuffed with keywords in nonsensical phrases. This means that fresh, high-quality content that is constantly evolving is now the best way to increase your site’s ranking, visibility and traffic. A great way to ensure new content is to have a blog – this simple tool is a must-have for every affiliate, and will result in increased conversions for you.

Hopefully you already have a blog set up. If not, we strongly recommend you make that your number one priority after reading this post. Once you have a blog, you’ll want to keep it updated regularly (at least once a week) with original material in order to maximize its benefit. But if you don’t have the time or passion to write posts yourself, or the finances to outsource the task to a professional writer, how can you stay on top of the game? By opening up your blog to guest posts.

Guest blog posts will increase traffic to your site and bolster sales for you. They are a win-win situation, with several benefits to you as an Affiliate. Let’s take a quick look at why accepting guest posts to your blog will make your site a more effective hub of sales, and is a great idea for you.

Consistently Fresh Content at No Cost

Guest posts are key for you as an Affiliate in part because they are free! Many industry pros and bloggers hoping to link back to their own sites are happy to pen a post for your blog. By writing for you and including a link to themselves and their site, they are able to increase their page rankings – and in turn those links in and out increase your rankings, too.

Being a Trusted Source of Information Increases Conversions

Even better, all that new content from pros of the industry has a hidden benefit for you. When your website becomes a source of authoritative, trusted information, visitors to your site will feel more comfortable clicking on your links. More click-throughs equals more sales and conversions because visitors feel assured by your presence and knowledge.

Increased Traffic and Sales

Bringing on guest bloggers is a smart choice for another good reason: traffic. Guest bloggers will promote their post with relish – to their site visitors, blog readers, Twitter followers and Facebook News Feed. They very well might find a creative way to create an Instagram post about it. All this promotion means people will be flocking to your website to see the post…and will buy more of the product/service you promote.  Plus, because the guest post will help increase your site’s ranking, you’ll nab additional relevant traffic from that, too.

You Retain Quality Control

Don’t worry about not being able to tell the difference between mediocre content and high-quality, unique posts crafted just for your site. You’re empowered by the internet to tell which posts are stellar and which are subpar. Run each guest post through a grammar and spell checker, and be sure to use a plagiarism checker too. The ability to make sure you always have well-written posts makes guest bloggers a great resource for new content.

Bringing on guest bloggers to write posts is a great way to increase traffic – and thus revenue – for affiliates. These mutually beneficial relationships are a win-win solution, provided you do due diligence in making sure the posts are high quality. And who knows … if people like your own writing on your blog, they might just ask you to write a guest post for them!

7 thoughts on “Increase Affiliate Earnings Opening Up To Guest Blog Posts”

  1. We’re in the process of flipping this. We have a blog on our main website where we encourage guest posts, but we are currently working on a blog tour to promote our new product line through our affiliate blogs.

    Great tips as always!

  2. Enjoyed the post. Thanks.

    I can understand why guest bloggers would want to be published on the A-list blogs, but why would they want to write for a start up blog with little content and traffic? Or, put another way, how does the owner of a new blog attract guest bloggers?

  3. Thank you, Amanda. I’m glad you liked the post.

    You are right, it’s more difficult to attract guest bloggers if your website is new. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

    First of all, make sure your own posts are the highest possible quality.
    Another important point – reward guest bloggers by allowing links back to their website/blog/ in author bio. You may also offer them additional exposure via your social media venues. Do not forget to advertise on your website that you accept guest bloggers – create a dedicated page that will explain to people what they will get from writing for you and what are your requirements.

    Finally, use guest blogging networks – they are created specifically for the purpose of connecting website owners and guest bloggers. is one of them, and I’m sure you can find many more.

    Good luck and looking forward to hear from you!

  4. I quite appreciate the content of this post as I am considering inviting some people to place articles on my site. Your article tilted my thinking in favor of doing it. Attracting good content and writers will no doubt be a trial as I have a new site.. I will persist. lolol
    Thanks for this post.

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