German Affiliate Networks (Deutsche Partnerprogramm-Netzwerke)

A merchant has emailed me the following question:

We are looking to expand into Germany.

Do you have any German affiliate networks to recommend?

I like the idea of going with a Germany-based affiliate network (aka Partnerprogramm-Netzwerk) for a program to target the German-speaking market. As mentioned earlier this year, I believe Germany to be one of the top 3 international markets to consider. By starting a German language affiliate program you will also cover Austria, most of Switzerland, and some of Belgium too.

And while I won’t be able to recommend any particular affiliate network in Germany (I haven’t worked with any of them in Germany specifically), I would like to offer you a list of the networks to consider. Here they are (in merely alphabetical order, and linked to respective URLs):

If I have missed a “Partnerprogramm-Netzwerk” which belongs to the above list, by all means, do mention it in the comments below, and I’ll happily add it to the list.

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  1. I’ll be happy to give any advice needed on the german affiliate market since I have eight years of experience in this market.
    Please contact me via comment here and I’ll get back to you. 🙂

    1. Hi there, I’m getting ready to work as an affiliate in a couple of weeks for the german market. How can I get ur contact in case I needed ur help?

  2. I would love a bit more information about those networks. cause I have a small business and would like to get some affiliates, but most networks have a very high fee. can you recommend any network for small companies? thx in advance

  3. Hello,

    @Brandon: It is not easy to start an affiliate program, if you are small business but I would suggest to contact belboon. As far as I know they don´t charge any setup fees so that should be a good way to start. If you do you can contact Laura Massel [email protected] and please say hello to her from me. 😉

    @Jacob: Not quite sure what you mean by affiliate directories but the most important networks are stated above. Zanox, affilinet, Commission Junction, Tradedoubler and belboon being the big affiliate networks while the other networks mainly focus on special topics (especially superclix). If your german is good enough a very good website to start is

    In general. please feel free to contact me here or via Xing or LinkedIn.

    Thank you very much.


  4. @Michael: Thank you very much for you answer. That’s good to hear, I am still evaluating some affiliate networks by all sorts of information I can find on the internet or from others, and on the top of my list is currently belboon. So I will definitely contact them, or in this case Laura 😉 Are you an affiliate there or do you know anyone who is? thanks in advance

  5. Hi

    I am new to the German market but I am active in the pregnancy-niche. And I’m going to start with a pilot-site in Germany to see how it goes there. Could anyone recommend me a good affiliate network in Germany for pregnancy related websites?

    Thanks a lot

    Sander Peters

    1. Sander, unfortunately, I am not that familiar with the types of affiliates that various German affiliate networks have, but I’ll ask around (and let you know if I find something out).

      Having said this, whatever platform (affiliate network, or in-house platform) you launch your affiliate program on, you’ll want to spend a lot of time recruiting (affiliates), regardless. Even if an affiliate network has affiliates already working in your niche, there’s no guarantee they’ll join your program once you start it. You want to be pro-active as an affiliate manager too.

  6. Hi,

    I was wondering if you could recommend any German Affiliate Manager networking sites as I am currently recruiting for German Affiliate Managers for one of the fastest growing on-line Lottery start-up companies based in Europe.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.


    1. Nina, I do not know of any “German Affiliate Manager networking sites”, but I run the largest affiliate program management group on LinkedIn (with nearly 2,200 members, among which there are plenty of Europe-based affiliate managers), and we have a Jobs section there. Feel free to check it out here, but remember to abide by the Group’s rules.

  7. Hi ,
    I head Mobile Advertising sales for Europe (GOIB) at InMobi – the world’s largest independent mobile network. I am keen to connect to explore how we could use our global ad network and your Marketing expertise to build on the booming mobile advertising market.
    Ashwin Shekhar

  8. Hello,

    As a consultant on an affiliate mission (for a client), I need some data about german expenses and revenues generated by affiliate marketing; would you have any source of information, please?

    Thanks in advance.


  9. Hi Geno ,

    I am affiliate manager from myled . We have joined shareasale ,however the effect wasn’t good as before .Now our market share is very big on germany .So i kindly hope you can suggest a great germany affiliate site for us .

    Zonx is too much for us , 4000 eur set up fee .


    1. Hi Wigan,

      if you need help in Germany. I can set you up, we have great networks with no setup charge if the product is good and your budget is fair. We even have a private network in place.
      If you run pay per call, lead gen (data) or video affiliate in mobile or web we are the experts.

      1. Hi Frank ,

        Which affiliate do you mean ? ?we don’t plan to join this one .

        Pls send email about the details [email protected]

        Now i am have options here : SuperClix and Belboon will be our choices .

        But Belboon did not get back to me ? can you help also ?


  10. Hi Geno,

    I miss the network that I work for in your list. I work as a Channel Manager for the Affiliate Network, Daisycon. Originally a network from Holland, Daisycon has expanded to Germany, France and Belgium as focus markets. I think it is could to know, that Daisycon has been voted most appreciated network for publishers in the Netherlands for 4 consecutive years, and is one of the top networks in the Netherlands. In Germany, Daisycon has a more moderate position, however we are aiming to become a more established name in the German affiliate marketing landscape in the comming years. We provide excellent and personal support to our publishers and have some great tools in place to make sure, tracking is always active or we are notified at an early stage that something is wrong with the tracking so we can take immediate action. We also offer an intuative publisher and advertiser platform with lots of reporting possibilities. We also offer the possiblity for ‘dedicated coupons’. This means a coupon code can be assigned to a particular publisher. If anyone copies the code, the sale will be assigned to the affiliate that the code was originally intended for, and not to the one that copied the code. This way advertisers/merchants can rest assured, there coupon doesn’t flote around on the internet, and it can be used for offline marketing activities as well. We are one of the smaller networks in Germany at the moment, however, this also means we can spend more time for our merchants and publishers and provide dedicated support. Support is there for everyone, not limited to the revenue our partners deliver.

    You can find us on: (English) (German) (France) (Dutch)

  11. Hi Geno,

    I would also like to add Matomy to this list. Matomy is one of the biggest players in the Market. With offices in 7 countries and around 350 employees worldwide. We work with several well know companies in Germany. We are expanding quite fast in Germany.
    For more details you can contact me on [email protected]



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