6 thoughts on “Worst Affiliate Acceptance Letter”

  1. Great post Eric! When I was building the Affiliate Program over at TemplateZone, your ‘Inside the Minds of Affiliates’ section was the most valuable session of the conference. After attending that show, I was able to lift affiliate sales over 400% in a few months.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas again…this time I’m not missing Karaoke!

    1. Thanks Justin – glad to hear that about my session. I try to only speak (or publish) content that’s useful to others.

      Looking forward to Vegas! I’d better start working on my song. Maybe we can find a 3rd and tackle Rappers Delight?

  2. Eric,

    Thank you so much! As an advertiser I have never really given much thought to our acceptance letter. It was written before I took over the position. Now I am going to go back and edit it.

    I actually opened this article because I thought to myself, “I hope this is not our acceptance letter.”

    Could you clarify one thing for me. When you said that we should put the affiliate link in the email, are you talking about a hyperlink? If not, how would you like to see that?

    1. Hi Susan,

      Yes, I’m referring to the hyperlink. Just the most basic link, to your homepage, that gets the tracking set. Then I can use it on my own images, or any text I’d like. After showing my own link, you can say, “To see additional creative available, go to…” and link to your banners page within your network (CJ, ShareASale, etc).

  3. Eric – From one affiliate to another, I agree! I prefer more info, not less, in the acceptance email. it may just be me, but I appreciate knowing how the merchant is going to communicate with me – will they send me weekly newsletters, do they update their links monthly in a network, do they have a blog for affiliates, do they have any special tools that help make an affiliate’s life easier, etc.

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