15 Tips: How to Create Affiliate-Friendly Websites (Landing Pages)

A merchant who is looking at launching an affiliate program, approached us for affiliate management services. Having looked at their website, we’ve recommended fixing the website first. Similarly to this situation, my client’s website could use some serious remodeling. But then they asked me:

Do you have a checklist of best practices that our designer can follow?

…and I’ve realized that (regardless of my fervent underscoring that the new website has to be “affiliate-friendly”) I did not have any place to send them (to find the “checklist”). Hence, this post.

So what really makes an affiliate-friendly landing page or website? Here are my 15 tips:

10 Must-haves:

1. Leak-free environment [more about leaks here]

2. Having only products affiliates are compensated for

3. Free of Google AdSense units and/or affiliate links

4. Trackable phone number (either via something like this, or via PPCall)

5. Working well in all major browsers

6. Prominent call to action (CTA) above the fold

7. Concise and compelling content

8. Easy navigation

9. Swift and easy checkout

10. Clarity in everything (product availability, shipping costs, additional fees, etc)

Not Mandatory, but Preferable:

11. Mobile-optimized

12. Social proof and testimonials

13. Guarantee to minimize or remove risk

14. Open to co-branding with affiliates [more here]

15. Deep-link wherever possible [more here]


If you can think of anything else, the “Comments” are all yours!

7 thoughts on “15 Tips: How to Create Affiliate-Friendly Websites (Landing Pages)”

  1. Great tips, Geno; thanks for sharing them. I’m really starting to learn about this whole affiliate marketing thing in the way of having your own product you want other affiliates to promote. So your piece was right on time and I really got some great info out of it. Thanks again for sharing it with us; I appreciate it.


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  3. great insight thanks for sharing. What are your thoughts on one page checkout? this is a regular request we get from publishers.
    thanks, Jesse Morgan

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