2012 Affiliate Network Earnings and Year-over-Year Growth

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked about the earnings of the world’s top affiliate networks lately.

So, I’ve decided to put together a blog post, aggregating the respective data. Unfortunately, not all affiliate networks release their quarterly or annual figures, and some that do, don’t single out their affiliate marketing earnings [like Google for example]. But here is what we see for those that do publish the figures that so many are interested in:

Commission Junction:

Q4 2012:

  • Revenue – $43,944,000 (vs $39,794,000 in Q4 2011)
  • Cost of revenue – $4,656,000
  • Gross profit – $39,288,000
  • Operating expenses – $10,913,000
  • Segment income from operations – $28,375,000

2012 Figures:

  • Revenue – $149,527,000 (vs $139,409,000 in 2011)
  • Cost of revenue – $17,546,000
  • Gross profit – $131,981,000
  • Operating expenses – $40,631,000
  • Segment income from operations – $91,350,000

Source: ValueClick Announces Fourth Quarter 2012 Results

Rakuten LinkShare

2012 Growth Data:

  • 31% year-over-year (YoY) growth
  • Thanksgiving Day: 54% YoY growth
  • Black Friday: 31% YoY growth
  • Cyber Monday: 37% YoY growth

Source: Rakuten LinkShare Wraps Up 2012 with Double Digit Growth


  • Net sales: SEK 2,307.7 M (vs 2,612.7 M in 2011)
  • Gross profit: SEK 541.5 M
  • Operating profit: SEK 0.0 M (vs 127.1 M in 2011)
  • Adjusted* operating profit: SEK 36.3 M (127.1)


a) TradeDoubler is a Swedish company. Hence, the SEK for currency. Per Oanda, SEK converts into USD at ≈0.155.
b) *Adjusted for change-related costs and write downs of intangible assets

Source: Year-End Report January – December 2012 [full PDF here]

If you have seen any other 2012 data on affiliate networks’ earnings (either the above-mentioned ones, or other networks out there), I would really appreciate you sharing the respective links in the “Comments” are below.

4 thoughts on “2012 Affiliate Network Earnings and Year-over-Year Growth”

  1. Geno, do you have the same data base for some of the Russian actors in affiliate marketing? It would be interesting to compare the revenues or % of margin, for example

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