Affiliate Marketing in Russia: Market Size and Affiliate Networks

While I do have a list of Eastern European affiliate networks here, many things have changed in the past two years (with many more than five affiliate networks available now in Russia), and it’s time for an updated (and dedicated) post on Russian affiliate networks and the overall state of affiliate marketing in Russia.

Size of the Market

Here is some interesting data on the size of the Russian affiliate industry (per AdLabs analysts’ estimates and forecast, as quoted by a CPA Club Russian Facebook group member):

The current RUB to USD exchange rate may be found here. Today it is 0.032, and it has been fairly steady for some time. Hence, in Russia the affiliate marketing industry has grown from some 2.4 million USD in 2003 to 65.6 million USD in 2012 [see how it compares to other countries here].

Russian Affiliate Networks

Here is my list (in alphabetical order):

If an affiliate network has been omitted, let me know (via the “Comments” function), and, upon checking it out personally, I’ll add it to the above list.

If you need any affiliate marketing help in Russia (or Russian-speaking geographies), we can help. Read about our full suite of Russia-geared services here and let us know if you need us.

47 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing in Russia: Market Size and Affiliate Networks”

    1. Denis, thank you for chiming in. I’ve added these 3 networks to the list. I’m sorry, but the fact that I’m aboard the Facebook group doesn’t mean that I know everyone in the group.

      Which “многих других” (“many others”) have I left out?

      Also, which on the above list are “resellers”, please?

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  2. I am the owner of, also own oldest russian affiliate blog You have missed this networks in your list:

    Some networks don’t have main page for webmasters and affiliates, but they already have offers and are actively working on them right now, according to their e-mails.

    I can also suggest adding to your list, they have russian interface and 8 offers with RU targetting.

    1. Anton, thank you very much for this valuable comment.

      One question before I add these: are any of these sub-affiliate networks (or “resellers” as you call them in Russia)?

      Also: inetRek seems to be positioning itself as a “banner advertising network”, while Cosmoleads and hardly have any info on their website.

      1. Right now I see 1100AD, Apocalypse, Karos, NEBOGAME and Rappelz offers in my Inetrek account, so they are definitely a network, not advertising agency.

        Many networks share the same offers or resell them, I don’t see the problem here. Some networks are working on the same platform Zotto that allow offer reselling, but you can’t reach success without working with webmasters and increasing the number of offers, so all this networks can be in your list.

        1. Thanks, Anton. I’ve added 5 from the ones you’ve kindly suggested.

          I think it’s about time to start splitting them into those that have direct relationships with merchants vs. resellers. Since working on it first-hand, you know the market better, is there any chance you can help me with this?

  3. Interesting post Geno. It’s always great to see the healthy expansion of the performance marketing industry from an international perspective. All ships rise on the tide. 🙂

  4. Though US and UK are market leaders in affiliate marketing, its good to see affiliate marketing growing in Russia too. And hopefully we will see Asian countries soon.

  5. Affiliate marketing is still at its early stages in Middle East. iKoo is one of the oldest network. There is another one, ‘MenaClicks’ founded in 2009.
    Thanks for sharing Asian affiliate networks list.

  6. Mike, Liza is right — CPA Hub looks like a one-pager with no way to sign up or find additional info. It looks like it’s a part of, but even the latter doesn’t have any detailed info on this “first project” of theirs. How do you know about them? Have you worked with them?

    As for Djumbo, I’ve added a note about the merger with LeadGid to my list. Thank you for this.

  7. Liza, Geno,

    CPAHub is kind of ‘private’ network – they don’t have registration form on the site but they actually work with select advertisers and publishers. We’re working with them this way.


  8. So, which is the biggest affiliate network in Russia? The one that can generate the biggest traffic?
    Thanks in advance,
    Ray 🙂

  9. Отличный пост Гено, приведен достаточно хороший список рекламных сете России, вы молодец, спасибо за этот список!

  10. A lot of affiliate networks there in Russia.

    Can someone help, which Network is working with financial industry?
    Like short-term loans..

    Thank You!

    1. DZ, as mentioned above, LeadsLeader is the one that is specializing on the financial sector specifically. In addition to them, in your case I would also take a look at Advaction,, AdmitAd, LeadGid, MixMarket and Myragon.

    1. Галичев Антон

      Нет половины сетей, сеть Djumbo прекратила свою деятельность.

        1. Галичев Антон

          Hey Moose (не осуществляет выплаты, последние новости – конец прошлого года)
          Leadster (просрочен HasOffers, уже пару месяцев)
          TopAdvert (нет офферов)

  11. Which Russian Affiliate Networks is the best for selling hotel packages in Thailand in the Russian market?

    See our product: (available in English and Russian language)

        1. Their website seems to be still up. Have they been bought out by someone else, or are they not paying affiliates their commission(s)? In what sense are they “not working anymore,” Anton?

          1. I know only one meaning of “not working”, sorry. From 30.11.2012 no news, no payments, no answers, nothing. This company is not working for a year. Additional information can be found on their forum.searchengines thread which shows no activity from the end of 2012 except of webmasters and advertisers complains.

  12. Hi Geno,
    great work. I am starting to discover Russian affiliate market especially. Do you have any suggestions about affiliate networks for Travel packages.
    Hopefully I will have some valuable info in following months so I can contribute to this post.

    Thank you.

  13. Hi Geno, thanks for the article.

    Can you please tell me which of these affiliate networks are focusing on electronic gadgets, mobile phones, tablets etc.

    Many thanks!

    1. I don’t believe anyone’s focus is this narrow/specific, Dragan, but I have asked my Russia-based contacts (in the affiliate marketing industry there) to come and help you with this. So, should there be specific Russian affiliate networks that have good selections of affiliate programs/offers focusing on these types of products, I’m sure they will swing by and post something below.

  14. Good and informative post.

    One major network with over 1000 Russian Affiliate Programs in Kindly verify and do add to the list. Indoleads has affiliate programs from countries like Brazil, India, Malaysia, Indonesia which gives affiliate marketers option to run campaigns in multiple countries

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