Commission Junction (CJ) Launches Affiliate Recruitment Tool (Beta)

One of the world’s major affiliate networks, Commission Junction (CJ), has launched an internal affiliate recruitment tool. If you are a CJ advertiser, you may now find it by going to “Manage Publishers” tab, and proceeding to “Publisher Recruitment (beta)” sub-tab:

Commission Junction affiliate recruitment

The two tabs to the left of this newest tab have been available on CJ for quite some time. However, their purpose was limited to the following functions:

Publisher Recruitment – merely showed you the statistics on the number of recruited publishers

Find Publishers – allowed you to either find specific publishers among your already-recruited ones or push offers to new/prospective ones as long as you know their Email, PID, CID or URL

As is obvious from the above screenshot, CJ’s newest affiliate recruitment functionality allows you to pull lists of potential affiliates without knowing their PIDs or CIDs. You may now find them by narrowing your search down by such generic variables as Category, Country and Network Earnings.

It seems that at this stage they do not display more than 100 “recommended publishers” (generally, those having a ranking of 4 bars or higher) per search query.

As an affiliate management agency we are happy to see this new tool; and looking forward to using it for connections with new publishers (aka affiliates).

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