4 Things to Learn from Amazon.com Mother's Day Affiliate Newsletter

The day before yesterday (on April 30) U.S. Amazon Associates (aka Amazon.com affiliates) have received a newsletter. Here’s a screenshot of the larger part of it:

Amazon affiliate newsletter

I believe there are five things that every advertiser (with an affiliate program) and affiliate manager can learn from this one:

1. Subject Line: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – concise and to the point. (+)

2. Timing: With Mother’s Day being on May 12 this year, considering (a) the time to put up links, factoring in (b) the shipping time too, as well as  (c) the fact that most affiliate managers send their newsletters right out right around this time (end or beginning of month) …and also (d) the fact that some of Amazon.com Mother’s Day promotions already started on April 19, I’d notify affiliates earlier than this (say, on April 18) — to give everyone enough time to digest and act. (-)

3. Links: I am a big fan of including pre-coded links in affiliate newsletters. While Amazon hasn’t included the code under each link, it is very easy to grab, being just two clicks away through the clearly visible “Get the links” or “Featured Promotions” links. (+)

4. Personalization: Nonexistent; while they do know my full name, and could’ve personalized it with my first name. (-)

Overall, it’s a very good and timely newsletter (not sent out by many advertisers who should be sending out one). But it has its “pluses” and “minuses” to learn from.

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