Affiliate Marketing at Search Marketing Day 2013 (in Poznan, Poland)

After a busy end of May, I am packing my suitcases again… And again I’m heading to European speaking engagements.

Search Marketing Day 2013The organizers of Search Marketing Day 2013 — a conference that is set to take place on 27-28 June, 2013 in Poznań, Poland — have reached out to me to speak at their fine conference [see Matt Cutts’ video on it here].

Day 1 of the conference is split into two tracks: “SEO Heroes” and “SEO Alternatives”. I have been invited to participate in the second track, sharing my thoughts on the current state of affiliate marketing, trends and opportunities, as well as where (and how) affiliate marketing fits into advertiser’s overall marketing mix.

Day 2 is going to be devoted to workshops. Here the organizers are staying more laser-focused with the two very specific tracks: one is devoted to SEO, while the other one to affiliate marketing programs. I will be opening Track 2 with a workshop devoted to affiliate traffic conversion rate optimization techniques and opportunities.

Really looking forward to this (new to me) conference. If you are planning to attend, come say “hello.” I’ll be in Poznań on July 26-28.

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