I Don't Work for Coffee (or Food)… But I'll Make an Exception

If you know anything about me, you know how I react to the hey-lemme-buy-a-coffee/beer/dinner-to-pick-your-brain type of requests.

will-work-for-foodBut in the coming few days, I am happy to make an exception (or a few!)

Tomorrow I am traveling to speak at Search Marketing Day in Poland; and looking at my schedule it appears that I have some “free time” while in Poland and in Germany, which I am more than willing to devote to you, should you be living in the below-mentioned cities. So, here are the dates and places where I am available for a chat/meeting/consultation-over-a-drink:

  • June 26 — Warsaw, Poland (airport)
  • June 26-27 — Poznań, Poland
  • June 28 — Munich, Germany (airport)

My airport layovers are long enough for a good meeting or three (especially the one in Munich).

If you are interested in meeting on any of the above-quoted dates, drop me an email, and let’s plan on it.

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