Maine, Minnesota and Missouri Jump on the Affiliate Tax Bandwagon

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The summer of 2013 isn’t even at its equator, but we already have sad news from as many as three new states. The newest ones that have passed affiliate nexus tax laws or shall we christen them “The Three Ms”? are Missouri [less than a week ago], Maine [more here], and Minnesota [read this] — all three in the course of June-July 2013.

Tax law(s)Per Performance Marketing Association there areĀ 1,500 affiliate marketers in Maine, 5,300 in Minnesota, and 5,000 in Missouri.

As a (tragic) result, the total number of marketersĀ impacted by the affiliate nexus tax across the country now exceeds 90,000 individuals and businesses.

The full list of the 13 U.S. states that have passed the law is now as follows:

  • Arkansas (2011)
  • California (2011)
  • Connecticut (2011)
  • Georgia (2012)
  • Illinois (2011)
  • Kansas (2013)
  • Maine (2013)
  • Minnesota (2013)
  • Missouri (2013)
  • New York (2008)
  • North Carolina (2009)
  • Pennsylvania (2011)
  • Rhode Island (2009)

A federal solution to the problem is very much needed, and may be very near with the Marketplace Fairness Act passing the U.S. Senate. We’ll keep monitoring the situation, updating you on it.

5 thoughts on “Maine, Minnesota and Missouri Jump on the Affiliate Tax Bandwagon”

  1. Hi Geno,
    I would imagine these laws are likely to continue to spring up in absence of a federal law. Is that your assessment as well? Also, I’m wondering how important this issue continues to be given the fact that Amazon, as one of the most prominent examples, seems to have resigned itself to paying sales tax anyway. Are the affiliate taxes still an issue with Amazon affiliates? Thanks for keeping the BizSugar community posted!

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