New Affiliate Marketing Guide / Book for Beginners and "Dummies"

I hate the word “dummies.” I’d much rather hear newbies call themselves “aspiring affiliates” or “beginning affiliate marketers.” And I can’t count how many times I have been asked to write a book for people like these — those who are interested in learning how they can earn money as affiliates.

Since in the course of the past 7 years I have not only authored my two bestselling volumes on affiliate program management (A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day), but also dozens of magazine articles and hundreds of blog posts which, in fact, geared to affiliates, I decided to sit down and write an actual book for affiliates as well. It took me a few months, and today I am pleased to announce it to you!

I have published the Kindle version of the book late yesterday evening.

Affiliate Marketing Book for Beginners

As you can see, the book is called Quick Start Guide to Affiliate Marketing but don’t expect it to make you rich overnight! Being an avid fishing fan, I am a big believer in distributing fishing tackle and tips (knowledge), not the fish itself. Therefore, what this book will do is walk you through the key affiliate marketing notions, answering the most important questions, and equipping you with the information you need in order to chart your own road map for affiliate success.

To make it as accessible/affordable as possible, I am selling this fourth book of mine only for $4.99 (more than 3 times cheaper than any of my other books).

IMPORTANT: For the 3 days of Affiliate Summit East 2013 where I am speaking, I am marking the price down to just $0.99 (yes, only 99 cents!) This deal will last from Aug 18 through Aug 20.

The reviews on the Amazon’s page speak for themselves. Here’s also an excerpt from Tim Ash‘s foreword for this newest book of mine:

During our own super-affiliate odyssey we made a lot of money. We also took our lumps in the process, and learned many lessons the hard way. There were unexpected and unwelcome surprises at every step, because we were blazing our own path. I wish I had had an experienced mentor back then who would have saved us much of the pain, time, and lost financial opportunity; unfortunately there was no one.

You, dear reader, are more fortunate! Geno Prussakov is an intelligent and experienced guide to this untamed affiliate marketing landscape. All of his lessons are grounded in direct experience that has been battle-tested in the real world. …The bottom line is that you could not ask for a better person to quickly show you the essentials of affiliate marketing.

Read this book before your competitors do, and put it into action to create your own financial freedom!

For the next 90 days the books is made available exclusively on Amazon. Buy it here and, once you’re done with it, I would really appreciate your honest review of it here.

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