Affiliate Marketing Training – Management Workshop in San Francisco

Interestingly enough, in late 2011 when blogging about “affiliate manager education in San Francisco in March” (implying the first Affiliate Management Days) Affiliate Summit’s Shawn Collins (coincidentally) antedated what is going to happen in early Spring of 2014.

As you may have already heard, in March of 2014 (just like in 2012), the fifth Affiliate Management Days conference is taking place in the Bay Area.

However, today I’d like to draw your attention to something that I will be doing the day before the conference starts. After all my books, speeches, and numerous requests over the years, on March 18, 2014 I am holding an in-person workshop on affiliate program management!

Affiliate Marketing Training Workshop

It is going to be an intensive interactive seminar for advertisers/merchants, digital marketing managers, CMOs, affiliate managers, independent consultants, and owners of companies interested in promoting their products/services through affiliates. A basic overview of the workshop may be found here. No prior knowledge of affiliate marketing is required. I’ll equip you with everything you need to know.

We are in Super Early Bird registration period through December 6, 2013. You still have 7 weeks to think about it, but I wanted to give you an advanced heads-up.

To register for the workshop click the button below. Hope to see you at the “Advertiser’s Crash Course in Affiliate Marketing” on March 18, 2014!

Register for Affiliate Management Workshop

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