10th Time Speaking at Affiliate Summit: Free Consultations & Books!

Less than a week is left until “the biggest Affiliate Summit to date with over 5,000 attendees” [source] — Affiliate Summit West 2014. Shawn and Missy always put up a good show, and I’m sure this one will be no exception.

Speaking at Affiliate SummitThis will be my 11th time attending and 10th time speaking at this conference. Over the years I’ve participated in this show in nearly every thinkable way: from exhibiting to hosting roundtable discussions, from participating on panels, to co-presenting, to holding solo presentations (with the latter being by far my most favorite format of speaking).

To commemorate my 10th Affiliate Summit speaking “anniversary” I have decided to do a couple of special things (yes, besides the fancy seal I’ve just put together!) this time around:

Free Books

As blogged earlier, on January 13 “I will dissect the ways to find and attract new affiliates into your affiliate program(s)” in my session entitled 22 Effective Ways to Recruit Quality Affiliates. The session will be held from 2:00 pm until 3:00 pm in Versailles Ballroom, and I hope to see a packed room there.

Besides the readily applicable tips, tools, tricks and techniques to help you recruit targeted affiliates to market your product/service as soon as you leave the room, every attendee of the session will have a chance to win the only affiliate marketing book to be named a small business classic — my bestselling Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day (recently mentioned in The New York Times too). Just listen carefully, ask a good question at the end of the session, and one of the autographed copies could be yours! Hope to see you in my session.

Free Consultations

If you know me you know that I, generally, refuse uncompensated brain-picking (with some exceptions) and I do not work for food, coffee, or beer (with rare exclusions) either. However, I’ll make an exception this time, and will consult eCommerce merchants/advertisers who are in attendance at Affiliate Summit West 2014 absolutely free of charge. Yes, you’ve heard it correctly! Whether you already have an affiliate program in place, or are merely toying with an idea of adding one to your marketing mix, contact me to schedule your free consultation. I’m staying at the conference hotel (Paris Las Vegas) and I’ll be in town from the evening of January 12 until early afternoon of January 14.

Looking forward to seeing my blog’s readers at ASW14, as well as interacting with you via the Q&A session, free consultations, parties, receptions, and even the already-proverbial “lobbycon” (if you couldn’t get a pass).

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  1. Good afternoon Sir! I just saw your tweet to your webpage about free consultations at ASW. I kindly request a consultation. When are you available to meet?

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