When You Say "Affiliate" Top Social Networking Platforms Think…

When I post something on a social networking website (Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter) if I refer to a specific business or person, I always try to “tag” their name. …wherever possible, I should add. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes not. Having seen some surprising results in the past few months, today I decided to type in “affiliate” into each of the top social networking platforms that I use, and take screenshots of what I see. Here is what I have found out:

Google+ thinks

…that I imply Google Affiliate Network which got “retired” back on July 31, 2013.

Affiliate on Google Plus

LinkedIn+ suggests

…three companies, only one of which (Affiliate Window) is, actually, “affiliate” in the sense that I imply.

Affiliate on LinkedIn

Facebook, on the other hand

…is smart(er) and, first of all, suggests the people that you are connected with, pages that you like, and groups that you have joined. So I had to ask a non-affiliate marketing friend of mine to take a screenshot of the matches that others would see, and here is what she sent me:

Affiliate on Facebook

Twitter suggests

…a list of affiliate-related accounts to follow, and the top 10 of them look as follows (with Google Affiliate Network again listed among the top matches):

Affiliate on Twitter

Some of the above make it hard(er) to find and tag specific companies and organizations at times. Others (like the Twitter example) are right on the money with their suggestions.

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