3 Underused Ways to Improve Affiliate Program Visibility on Network

When asked about the avenues via which they like to find out about new affiliate programs, affiliates repeatedly point to affiliate network websites (and network-based directories) as one of their preferred methods of what I call “passive affiliate recruitment” (i.e. when they find you, as opposed to you reaching out to them).

Per 2013 Affiliate Summit’s AffStat Report, for example, 38% of affiliates said they search for new programs within the “Affiliate or CPA network website:”

AffStat 2013 on Affiliate Recruitment

Turning to the results of AffiliateBenchmarks 2013 Global Affiliate Questionnaire, we see an even higher percentage: 44.7%:

Affiliate Benchmarks 2013 on Affiliate Recruitment

Here are three practical ways which will help you improve the visibility and findability of your affiliate program, regardless of the affiliate network:

1. Logo or 88×31 Micro Bar

It is always better to have one than run “logoless.” In certain instances, the affiliate network will use the first uploaded 88×31 button/banner for your logo. So, if on ShareASale you have not uploaded a micro bar (and make it a good one when you do!), you will not show any “logo” in the network directory:

No affiliate program logo

2. Key Terms/Words

Optimize these to include not only the key words you want affiliates to find you by, but also using competitors’ names for key terms (especially those that run affiliate programs on the same network). So, for example, when on Commission Junction I search for “expedia” besides Expedia’s affiliate program I also see listings for Tingo, Aqua Hotels and Resorts, Pretigia Europe, CheapFlights.com, Booking Buddy (clearly, they all use the competitor’s name for a key word), and even SpareFoot Storage (don’t ask why):

Expedia affiliate program search

3. Coupons & Deals

Nearly every affiliate network has a coupon feed of some sorts. Besides this, some have an on-site coupon database (like ShareASale’s “Coupons and Deals Database”) or a monthly newsletter dedicated to promos and deals specifically (like Commission Junction’s “CJ Monthly”). Even if you do not have, or do not desire to have, coupons, you can get a “Free Shipping over $X” type deals in there.

The best part about the above three methods of affiliate program visibility optimization is that in most cases they will not cost a penny extra!

So what are you waiting for? Go implement them right away!! It won’t take you more than a few minutes per method.

5 thoughts on “3 Underused Ways to Improve Affiliate Program Visibility on Network”

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  2. I’m an affiliate and this is dead on to my behavior. I would add one more avenue that I have been using lately. I find brands on Facebook (that are usually presented to me as ads for things I would be interested in myself) and then I contact the brand via their Facebook page to find out if they have an affiliate program. It might be good for merchants to list their affiliate information on their Facebook profile as well (e.g. we are on Linkshare) or at least make it easy for someone to contact them quickly.

  3. Alright Geno Deluxe is now 88×31 compliant. Thank you for pointing out the miss on my part. We appreciate the free press no matter how good or bad.


    btw, how about those 7 day and 30 day EPC numbers in column 3?

    1. Way to go, Marty! You are one of my favorite in-house-based affiliate managers out there. I knew you would jump right on this. WTG!!

      Re Deluxe‘s EPC: it is plain amazing (time to edit that EPC line in your program description?) Gold mine for affiliates, huh?

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