5 Noteworthy Affiliate Management News of March 2014

Yes, we are only about one-third into March, but there are already some notable news to report. Much is happening in the overall affiliate marketing sphere, but today I’d like to draw your attention to five news that relate specifically to affiliate managers and advertisers/merchants that reply on affiliate programs for business. Here they are in a chronological order:

1. Top Industry Influencers Announced

Shawn Collins announced the news a week ago. “Using various tools including Twitter, Traackr, Little Bird, Group High, and Google” Impact Radius identified the top performance marketing leaders of 2014, publishing the results in a nice graphic which you may find here. They put together a similar list in 2011 [see my blog post about it here] which raised a lively discussion [here and here]. However you may treat lists like these, one thing is indisputable: it is important for affiliate managers to know who the movers and shakers are and where to find them.

Affiliate marketing influencers

2. Affiliate Management in 2013 Compared to 2014

David Iwanow of Lost Press Marketing interviewed me asking a number of really good questions including the “biggest change in affiliate management in 2013” (which I believe was top brands shifting from networks to in-house solutions) as well as challenges and opportunities in 2014. You may find the full interview by clicking the image below:

Prussakov interviewed

3. LinkedIn Group Reached 2,500 members

I run a closed (by approval only) Affiliate Program Management group on LinkedIn and yesterday we’ve reached a milestone – 2,500 members. It is a very targeted group (for affiliate managers, digital marketing professionals and advertisers with affiliate programs). So, the number is truly impressive to me.

Affiliate management group LinkedIn

4. Report on CPA Marketing in Russia Published

This is the fourth year that they are running the survey, and the results of the newest one have been published just yesterday. If you are interested in this emerging market and speak/read Russian, I do recommend studying this one carefully. It is by far the most thorough one they’ve done to date.

5. Affiliate Management Days Show Beats the Records

As blogged earlier this morning, the upcoming U.S. Affiliate Management Days (which will take place in San Francisco on March 19-20, 2014) is already set to beat its previous records — as far as the number of exhibitors, attendee count, and the numbers of prominent brands go — becoming the busiest show we have ever had in the affiliate management space specifically. I, therefore, especially hope to see you in San Francisco in a week!


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