Vote for Affiliate Marketing Course as Resource of the Year

Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals by PrussakovOn July 8, 2014 I published a series of twenty-seven video lessons on affiliate marketing.

The course was created for aspiring affiliates. It was professionally shot and is being hosted/sold by

In under nine months this video course educated nearly 6,000 people from 116 countries.

Lynda video course

Earlier this year, my “Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals” video course was nominated for an award as a Small Business Resource of the Year. The voting is open until April 2, 2015, and I would highly appreciate your support here (it’ll take you only one second or one quick click on the “Vote” button).

Small Business Resource of 2015

Below you may also find free samples of two lessons from the course:

Once again, many thanks in advance for your votes for my video course. Let’s make affiliate marketing a 2015 small business resource of the year!!

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