Affiliate Toolbars, Adware and Malware: 19 Resources to Study

You will hear them called “adware,” “malware,” “parasiteware,” and “spyware;” you will see them come in forms of toolbars, browser plugins, BHOs, pop-ups, and pop-unders. anti-adwareAs Harvard’s Ben Edelman would say, “the techniques vary, but the key tactic is the same” — “finding a way to get between the user and the merchant, in order to claim commission that wasn’t actually earned.”

Some advertisers would call them “invisible thieves,” others would have them pocket a large chunk of the affiliate commissions they pay out — often unknowingly loosing millions, misattributing conversions which really stem from other marketing activity.

I often urge brands to take a strong stand against affiliate adware, but too many are still lacking education on the subject and do not fully understand the seriousness of the problem. In hopes of straightening this out, I hereby bring you my compilation of resources on affiliate adware and toolbars.

The Basics

Digging Deeper…

Further Resources

If I have missed a resource that belongs here, please do mention it via the “Comments” area below, and I will definitely consider adding it as well.

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