7 Affiliate Marketing Podcasts To Listen To

[Last Updated: 5/17/2019]

Yesterday, a post on the “podcasts all affiliate marketers should subscribe to” appeared on Forbes.com. It listed great podcasts, and I especially appreciated the author’s approach — one underscoring the multifacetedness of affiliate marketing and the consequent “need to be updated on what’s going on everywhere at all times.”

Affiliate marketing podcastsHowever, a number of really solid affiliate marketing podcasts (run by the industry’s veterans) were missed from that list altogether. Hence, my below attempt to fix the situation.

Here are the five affiliate marketing podcasts that I recommend for your consideration (in alphabetical order only):

“Affiliate Buzz” with James Martell [RIP, James]

This was the very first and longest-running podcast about affiliate marketing. As I’m typing this post, the total number of podcasts that James put out there is nearing 450. Throughout the years I had a privilege of appearing on a couple of these too. [Update: James passed away in late September 2018, and will be forever missed]

“The Affiliate Marketing Experience” with Geno Prussakov

Yes, this one is by yours truly. Launched in early 2019, TAME isn’t a “podcast” as such, but it can certainly be treated as one. TAME is a series of educational videos where I give eloquent and concrete answers to specific affiliate marketing questions. Do check its episodes at my channel here.

“Affiliate Marketing & Performance Opinion” with James Little

James Little’s podcast features “interviews, case studies and updates from affiliate marketing professionals all over the world.”

“Rise of the Entrepreneur” with Zac Johnson

Zac’s bi-weekly podcast (occurring every Tuesday and Thursday) broadcasts “real life interviews and stories with some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs,” including nearly every influential affiliate marketing professional out there.

ProBlogger Podcast with Daren Rowse

Daren is not only a legendary blogger (known by many as “ProBlogger”), but he is also an active affiliate. He also happens to run his own podcast, and many of his episodes will be of value to other affiliate marketers.

“This is Affiliate Marketing” with Shawn Collins

While this podcast was started only in 2016, Shawn Collins is certainly not new to affiliate marketing or podcasting. With his newest podcast he is trying to go away from the focus on “the nuts and bolts of affiliate marketing” and rather concentrate on “the people of affiliate marketing.”

“Smart Passive Income” with Pat Flynn

Finally, Pat’s weekly podcast which broadcasts interviews, how-to knowledge, “strategy, and advice for building your online business.” No wonder why it holds several “Best Business Podcast” awards.

If I have missed your favorite affiliate marketing podcast, by all means, do suggest it using the “Comments” area below.

3 thoughts on “7 Affiliate Marketing Podcasts To Listen To”

  1. Geno: It is fascinating how many different subjects and topics are covered by podcasters. I know about Pat Flynn’s podcast, but I will check out the other podcasts listed. As a podcaster, I want to learn about new possibilities for my podcaster, e.g., matching affiliates with the topics I am covering in my podcast, new media, business philosophy, and the good life (including tea),

  2. You put together a great list Geno!

    That Forbes article has a nice list of podcasts, which I think can be useful for affiliate marketers, but they aren’t specifically aimed at affiliate marketers. Aside from the “Business Mistakes” podcast, I’ve been a listener to all of the podcasts from that Forbes article for years, and they’re definitely good, but they are more focused on entrepreneurship, which is much broader than affiliate marketing. You have to listen to a lot of episodes on those podcasts before finding one that really resonates with you.

    But for affiliate marketers, nearly every episode of Affiliate Buzz and Pat Flynn will resonate. I can’t believe they left those out!

    Thanks again for the list Geno 🙂

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