Client Spotlight: David's Cookies – Edible Gifts Affiliate Program

every season is right to have a good cookie or cake! So, with pleasure, I bring you our sweet client, David’s Cookies.

Cookies, cakes, gifts affiliate programStarted by a classically-trained French chef, David Liederman, the business not only has well over 200 stores globally, but also runs a thriving online storefront.

Regardless of how the name may read, they sell so much more than just cookies. Beyond 22 different varieties of fresh-baked cookies, their inventory is also rich in crumbcakes and brownies, cheesecakes and truffle cakes, birthday cakes, tarts, and much more; with sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free products also available.

Additionally, there are several monthly gift clubs to choose from as well.

Furthermore, the inventory is conveniently categorized to help you offer edible gifts fit for season-specific holidays (from Rosh Hashanah to Thanksgiving, and from Halloween to Christmas), events, and occasions (graduation, birthdays, housewarming, anniversaries, and much more).

So, whether you produce cookies/cakes-related content or are looking for beautiful seasonal gifts to offer to your audience, we invite you to join this affiliate program. We run this program on Rakuten Affiliate Network, with 30-days’ cookie life and the following tiered payouts:

  • Default: 6% commission
  • $299.00 – $598.99: 9%
  • $599.00 – $999.99: 12%
  • $1,000.00 and above: 15%

Should you have any questions about this advertiser, do not hesitate to email them our way, and we’ll get back back with you ASAP.

Also, feel free to post your questions under this post (using the “Comments” function).

2 thoughts on “Client Spotlight: David's Cookies – Edible Gifts Affiliate Program”

  1. Hi Geno,

    It’s really great info as always.

    I have a query related to this topic

    If a user came on my website through affiliate and didn’t make any purchase on his first visit. But after a few hours or days, he came back from another source (e.g. paid search or via a search engine) and made a purchase.

    In this scenario who will get the credit of sale, Affiliate (because on first visit affiliate cookies was dropped into the user’s browser) or the other sources.

    Please suggest.

  2. Vishal, good question. Much depends on the setup of your affiliate program but, in most scenarios, the last affiliate to touch the end customer will get the commission/payout. Similarly to how you would still pay for a paid search click that precedes a click on a paid Facebook ad. Hope this helps.

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