Enter the Christmas Drawing of Affiliate Summit West 2017 Passes

Win an ASW17 PassEvery year (since we started doing this in 2010) we hold a Christmas drawing whereby we give away passes to the upcoming Affiliate Summit conference, and this year is going to be no exception.

With Affiliate Summit West 2017 being just around the corner, you want to hurry to enter for your chance to win one of the Networking passes that we have to give away.

This will be my 16th time speaking at Affiliate Summits and mine will be one of the opening speeches of the conference this time. On January 15, 2017 I will hold a one-hour Advertiser’s Crash Course in Influencer Marketing. The qualification for the drawing is directly tied to my topic.

Task: To get your name entered into the draw, using the “Comments” area under this post submit your definition of influencer marketing.

Prizes: 2 Networking Passes (each giving you access to keynote speeches, Meet Market, Exhibit Hall, “Ask the Experts” round tables, online access to slide decks of all presentations, and more)

Deadline(s): With the conference being just five-and-a-half weeks away, make sure to submit your definition no later than the end of day of Thursday, December 15. I will announce the winners on December 16, 2015, giving you a full month for travel arrangements.

IMPORTANT: Regardless of whose names get drawn in nine days, the best definitions (and their authors) will be given substantial visibility in my future work (conference presentations, teaching, writings, etc).

So, looking forward to your entries now!!

7 thoughts on “Enter the Christmas Drawing of Affiliate Summit West 2017 Passes”

  1. Influencer marketing is futuristic.

    Technology assists with the transmission of the marketing message but we must remember that people are now consuming less advertising than ever before. People are hungry for human generated content and influencers provide and amplified that content.

  2. Gene, I won’t be able to attend the Summit but I wanted to chime in on influencer marketing

    There are dozens of definitions for influencer marketing running around right now. It appears to be the star of the current buzzwords. Bloggers like Casey Neistat and Instagram personalities like Max Chafkin have so many people following them that every brand on the planet wants them to just mention their products. A mention or unboxing from them can give a company a huge influence on the companies bottom line.

    But influencer marketing is so much more than having huge audiences and great hair. (that’s just advertising anyway)

    Influencers build trust. Influencers know when to say, “I don’t know.” Influencers can be industry experts but most of the time they are just people with experience with the product or brand you are interested in.
    Influencers are passionate about their subject. They may not know everything there is to know about the product but what they do know – they know well. Yes, celebrities get all the case studies but the real influencers are real people who know the product and how it can help the person who wants to buy it.

    The best influencers I know don’t just tell or show people what to buy. They partner with both the customer and the brand. They understand what the customer wants, the features and benefits of the product and who the brand is building a particular product for.

  3. “The Leveraged Use of a Brand’s Trust”
    Influencer Marketing is the leveraged use of a brand’s (personal, product or corporate) trust to gain attention towards a specific topic, product or cause, then move to inform and/or educate the interested party in a given solution to ultimately influence their decision making process.

  4. Influencer Marketing is relying on key individuals to promote/sell your products for you. These people may or may not have a large follower base, but have earned the trust of the people they are promoting to. When I go to purchase a product, I look for opinions of people I trust know the area well, and the Influencers are able to demonstrate this level of trust and knowledge to their followers.

  5. And the winners are…. [drum roll]…

    Emails going out in a minute. If you cannot (or no longer want to) take advantage of the free pass you’ve won, please do let me know and I’ll pass it on to the next person in line.

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