Best of Affiliate Marketing 2016

Looking back at the year that’s about to pass, I have analysed our 2016 blog posts that were most frequently shared and quoted. So, in the best tradition of “readers’ choice” lists, I am hereby excited to bring you the list of the best 2016 content that was published on AM Navigator’s blog.

~ Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Posts of 2016 ~

20 Affiliate Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

Ten years ago, when I was writing my very first book on affiliate marketing, I greatly struggled with the lack of statistical data on this industry, and quoted lack of research on it in my first interviews too.

In this day and age, however, there is plenty of great data out there; and in this post you will find a compilation of 20 bite-sized Tweetable nuggets — each representing an interesting affiliate marketing stat [more here].

Analysis of Top Social Media Platforms for Influencer Marketing

Are you leveraging your influencer marketing efforts using the right social media platforms? Your choice of social network may depend largely on the type of audience you’re trying to reach. But it’s important to note that each platform has unique advantages. For instance, an influencer may use Instagram to show off a new product. But to provide fans with tutorials on how to use the product, YouTube may be a better option.

This analysis of the top social media platforms can help ensure your next influencer marketing campaign is successful [more here].

2017 Affiliate Marketing Trends and Predictions

I reached out to a hand-picked selection of affiliate marketing influencers seeking their input on what they think affiliate marketing may face, enjoy, or struggle with in the coming year.

This post contains more than twenty 2017 predictions from some of the world’s most brilliant affiliate marketing experts from all sides of the business [full post here].

Affiliate Marketing – CMO’s Least Mastered Area of Digital Marketing

A collaborative survey conducted by Fanatics Media in partnership with Marketo, produced an eye-opening Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Benchmark Report. Among the other things analyzed, the study sought to find out the most (as well as the least) mastered areas of digital marketing for present-day CMOs.

Apparently, “affiliate marketing” scores as the area of “the least knowledge’ among CMOs [details here].

Affiliate Marketing Mispositioning is Hurting Affiliate Programs

The time has come for everyone to seriously rethink affiliate marketing’s place in the marketing ecosystem. Too many believe it to be just one of online marketing channels. As a result, when budgets are being allocated between the channels it is competing (for the attention and funding) with the brand’s own paid search, email, retargetting, display, and other marketing efforts; and often loses the battle.

Only when brands realize its truly cross-channel nature will they be able to build diverse, agile, and holistic affiliate programs [more here].

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