Dangerous Misconception: "Affiliate Marketing Channel"

Whether you are brand new to the affiliate marketing industry or you have been in it for the most part of the time that the industry has been around, chances of you hearing affiliate marketing being called “a channel” (or even using the phrase “affiliate marketing channel” or “affiliate channel” yoursef) more than likely exceed 90%. It is a very common phrase you’ll hear from marketers. What’s puzzling to me is that most of the veteran affiliate marketers, actually, know that “affiliate” is not a “marketing channel”; yet, we would still use the phrase.

Affiliate marketing is much broader and more complex than merely one channel of marketing. Being strongly against us confining it to one, I was privileged to express my thoughts in the following CJU presentation:


Enjoy the video, take a look at the accompanying Affiliate Marketing Mispositioning is Hurting Affiliate Programs post, and do chime in with your comments (under this post), should you have anything to say/add on the topic.

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