3 Powerful Features Underused by Most ShareASale Affiliate Programs

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Less than a month ago we launched a brand new affiliate program on ShareASale affiliate network. In under three weeks the program cracked the network’s prestigious Top 100 PowerRank, becoming one of the top-performing affiliate programs on ShareASale.

On obvious reasons, I cannot share all of the techniques that lead to such a stellar rise, but there are three things that I would like to highlight for all other merchants on ShareASale — the three seriously powerful features that every affiliate program on this network has at their disposal, yet very few take due advantage of them. As a result, thousands of merchants miss out on readily available opportunities to optimize their affiliate programs. Here they are (in no particular order):

Holiday Center Placements

This is by far one of the most cost-efficient ways to recruit affiliates on ShareASale. At the time of this post $100 or less (depending on the number of holidays you select) will buy you a 1-year-long placement in the holiday category of choice. Not only is it an impressively long-term placement, but it’s also an extremely effective one – yielding click-to-application conversion rates of 50% or higher.

However, it is still one of the most underused affiliate onboarding functionalities available on ShareASale. Take the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day, example. How many affiliate programs have their ads in the respective category? One:

One would suppose that costumes-oriented advertisers should be all over this extremely targeted opportunity (as well as those merchants that sell Celtic jewelry, thematic T-shirts, party invitations, gift cards, and so on).

To find this feature, you want to log into your merchant account and then navigate to Program Boost > Interface Placement > Holiday Center.

Bonus Campaigns

While relational (or intangible) motivators can move the needle, let’s be realistic: affiliates are in this business to make money. So, transactional (or tangible) motivators must be a part of your engagement mix! Besides the basic payout, your affiliate program must also embed performance-based incentives.

Enter ShareASale’s “Bonus Campaigns.”

As the network itself puts it, “you can define a variety of rules” which will “give out a bonus based on performance.” Here are some of the performance metrics which may condition bonus triggering:

You may find this feature under Tools > Bonus Campaigns.

If you don’t have much margin for anything else, don’t underestimate the power of a generous first-sale bonus (and you may always exclude self-referred sales from the qualification requirements).

Recruitment Tool

Thirdly, don’t overlook a fairly new tool which was made available to all affiliate programs on the network in late 2016 — an internal tool which gives ShareASale merchants access to affiliates based on categories in which they actively operate.

You may find it under Tools > Recruitment Tool or by going directly to recruiting.shareasale.com (you’ll be prompted to lot into your merchant account, unless you’ve already done so).

We discussed this tool at length earlier this year in this how-to post.

ShareASale-exclusive merchants are entitled to sending out 30 monthly affiliate invitations, while those with (additional) affiliate programs elsewhere can send out 20 invites a month. The beautiful part is that, at this time, there is no added cost involved in using the tool.

So, there you have it: three powerful tools to help you onboard and motivate your ShareASale affiliates.

Should you need a hand with a ShareASale-based affiliate program, we are always at your disposal. AM Navigator has been building up affiliate programs on this network since 2004.

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