ShareASale: Featured Program of the Week vs Holiday Center

Some affiliate networks offer ways to advertise your affiliate program to their affiliate base. ShareASale is one of the networks I have most experience with, especially when it comes to these internal affiliate recruitment options. I’ve tried different ShareASale options in the past, and have found two to be of most effectiveness: Featured Program of the Week Option (FPOW), which is currently priced at $450/week, and Holiday Center, which currently costs $75-$100/year depending on how many categories (see your options below) you place your ad in. The latter one is a hugely underused, but a highly effective option which I encourage all ShareASale-based merchants to look into.

We are currently running both some FPOW, and some Holiday Center campaigns for our clients. So, I thought it’d be interesting to analyze how they convert side-by-side.

Featured Program of the Week ads
(conversion range: 25% – 38%)

Holiday Center ads
(conversion range: 55% – 58%)


  1. Do not miss out on the opportunity with the Holiday Center, which yields highly targeted affiliate traffic, resulting in extremely high click-to-signup conversions.
  2. When budget allows, do play with the FPOW option too, but make sure there is a time-sensitive incentive interwoven into the copy/idea that goes with your one-week ad. Then your conversions will be higher.

4 thoughts on “ShareASale: Featured Program of the Week vs Holiday Center”

    1. You’re most welcome, Karrine. I’ve just checked the stats of six Holiday Center campaigns we’re currently running for clients, and here’s what I see (in terms of Hits-Coversions): 10-5, 20-8, 11-7, 18-6, 127-67, 18-12. The last three FPoW campaigns that we ran (in 2011) yielded the following results (again Hits-Conversions format followed): 242-60, 192-65, 228-66. Looks like the Holiday Center is still the more effective way to go (and especially for seasonal products).

  1. Confirming the above numbers.

    Running FPOW this week, conversion is @ 25% but majority of applicants are new to the network (limited membership). Holiday Center CR is at 55%+, most of these applicants have a full membership.

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