4 Benefits of Co-Branded Affiliate Landing Pages

Co-branded affiliate landing pages are one of the most underutilized tools in the affiliate management toolbox. They can be a secret weapon for both affiliates and merchants.

What is a co-branded affiliate landing page?

A co-branded affiliate landing page is a landing page created for a program’s affiliates to refer traffic to. They typically include the logo and name of the affiliate referring the traffic.

They are meant to aid in the transition from the affiliate’s site to the merchant’s site, make the visitor feel safe that the two sites have a partnership and to help increase the conversion rate.

Let’s explore the benefits in having co-branded affiliate landing pages.

Benefit 1 – Increases Conversion Rate

Data from AWin shows that there can be a three-to-four-times increase in conversions when utilizing a co-branded affiliate landing page. Also, according to Rakuten Marketing, an approximate 44% increase in revenue can be seen by utilizing co-brand affiliate landing pages. Visitors feel like a VIP when they get directed to a co-branded affiliate landing page for the item(s) they want to purchase. They are welcomed to a landing page with the logo of the site they just left. This helps make the transition smooth from the affiliate site to the merchant’s site. Conversion rates are often higher because an exclusive coupon or deal is offered along with the branding and a call to action.

Benefit 2 – Strengthens the Affiliate–Merchant Relationship

Affiliate marketing is a relationship-based form of marketing and most successful affiliate programs leverage relationships to grow programs. Affiliates are always looking for ways to work closer with merchants and vice versa. Providing affiliates with a customized page with their logo and name, plus offering their visitors an exclusive coupon/deal is something they value. Merchants that have good relationships with their affiliates tend to reap the benefits.

Benefit 3 – Makes the Visitor Feel Like a VIP

There is nothing like finding an item to purchase then get directed from site to site just to make the purchase. With co-branded affiliate landing pages, the visitors can see that moving from one site to another is no problem.


The landing page is welcoming and provides them a VIP experience because they see an exclusive coupon/deal and the logo and name of the site they originated their search on. Their needs are being cared for and that is something marketers should never forget. The comfort factor cannot be overlooked, plus giving them the VIP treatment aids in the conversion process.

Benefit 4 – Aids in Affiliate Recruiting

Finding high-quality affiliates is not an easy task, but having marketing tools available to them for use immediately can be game-changing. When reaching out to prospective affiliates, having the ability to offer them co-branded landing pages and other tools is better than just telling them the commission paid and the cookie length. The affiliate will see that they are an important piece of the affiliate program and go the extra mile and aim to achieve successful results.

Affiliate co-branded landing pages, although under-utilized, are an effective way to increase conversion rates, make affiliates happy (happy affiliates are the best sales force), and create trust with the visitors.

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