20 Ideas on How to Crush It With Affiliate Marketing

Many have expressed their sadness about missing my latest webinar [announced here] entitled “Affiliate Marketing Techniques to Rock 2018 and Beyond”. I have a good news for you! The full recording of it is now available for everyone’s viewing, and I am posting it below:

You’ll see that I started with two premises:

(i) People go online on one of two reasons: either to solve a problem or to be entertained

(ii) Affiliate marketing is much larger than a “channel” of marketing and exists on the crossroads of numerous marketing channels

Based on these, you want to figure out your strengths, formulate your focus, and then leverage the multiplicity of marketing methods and techniques that I discuss in this webinar. Beyond everything, in all you do: strive to add value.

Enjoy the presentation! And thanks to ClickMeeting for making this webinar possible.

2 thoughts on “20 Ideas on How to Crush It With Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Hi Geno, I am doing affiliate marketing from last 2 months so I am not getting any profit and I am not even selling a single product. I like the way you explained in the video. Whatever points you said those are very important for me. Definitely, I will follow your steps.

    I hope this video will help me out to grow my e-commerce business. Great thanks to you.

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