3 Ways to Boost Your Affiliate Program For Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is coming up and if you’re an affiliate manager like me, you’ve already been planning your strategies for how to engage your affiliate base and get the most out of the holiday weekend. These long holiday weekends only come around a handful of times per year so it’s very important to make sure you’re giving your program extra love during this time. Below, I’ve laid out 3 ways to boost your affiliate program for Memorial Day.

Sales Event

memorial day affiliate saleThis may seem obvious, but there are countless affiliate programs out there that neglect minor holiday weekends like President’s Day, Labor Day and Memorial Day. These weekends have always been huge sales event weekends in retail and just because we sell online doesn’t mean we should not take part!

Memorial Day weekend is only three days so even if you’re a merchant who doesn’t normally discount, you can still do something little knowing that it’s really only for a 72-hour period. Sales events like this help convert customers that are on the fence about making a purchase. There are always huge sales spikes during these weekends because there are so many customers that finally get pushed over the edge and make their purchase.

Memorial Day Themed Creative

Whether you choose to actually have a sale or not, you should make it a priority to introduce some Memorial Day themed creative into your affiliate program. At the very least, it’s an excuse to send a newsletter announcement to your entire affiliate base. At best, it helps boost your conversions significantly over the holiday weekend.

For this, a lot of merchants incorporate a red, white and blue theme into their branding. This will be up to the discretion of your designer, but it is what is most commonly done during this time. Don’t forget to make sure your designer includes a call to action on the creative.

If you really have some extra resources it would be amazing to create a video creative to accompany your Memorial Day sales event. Many affiliate networks will host video creative now and the content is way more engaging than a standard banner ad.

Commission Bump Over The 3-Day Weekend

Have you ever considered a program-wide commission bump over the 3-day weekend? This is a perfect solution for merchants who never like to run sales but want to do something special for Memorial Day. It’s also a great way to get your affiliate base engaged before and during one of the best sales weekends of the year. I’ve found that announcements that concern an affiliate’s earnings/commissions get the most attention. This is to be expected and also an opportunity for us to take advantage during these critical holiday weekends.

If you’re planning to do a commission bump it can be something as subtle as $10-$20 per sale if you have higher payouts of $100 or more. If you payout based on a percentage of revenue, then you may want to do at least 5% so it doesn’t get brushed off. Obviously, the higher the commission bump, the more attractive the offer. Lastly, make sure to make it clear when the bump starts and ends. You would think this would be obvious to people, but you can never be too detailed.

I hope that you found these few ideas helpful and that you implement some of them this Memorial Day. Good luck with all your affiliate marketing efforts and feel free to email us or comment below with any comments or questions.





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