Why You Should Use The Recruitment Tool In ShareASale

We talk a lot about affiliate recruitment and today we wanted to dive into a specific way to efficiently recruit affiliates if your program is on the ShareASale affiliate network: The ShareASale Recruitment Tool.

ShareASale has a wonderful recruitment tool that they open up to their merchants who are on their network exclusively. The tool allows you to search for prospective affiliates by either their domain name or their ShareASale ID. You’ll get a certain number of VIP invites to use every month for every affiliate that accepts your invite, you’ll gain two invites back. Below, I’ve detailed several reasons why you should use the recruitment tool in ShareASale.

ShareASale Recruitment Tool

Instant $25 Bonus To Affiliates

There are several reasons why if you have your program on ShareASale you should seek out the recruitment tool. The main reason is that affiliates love to get VIP invites. Every time an affiliate accepts a VIP invite from the ShareASale recruitment tool they get $25 automatically added into their account. That’s a solid meal for two at your favorite chicken and ribs joint! This small bonus immediately gets an affiliate’s attention and further motivates them to engage with your offer. The best part about this $25 bonus is that ShareASale pays it, not the merchant! Win-win for everyone! Per David’s comment under this post, as of 3/12/2018, this feature is no longer available.

A More Engaging Offer

On top of the affiliate instantly earning $25, there is also potential for merchants to provide prospective affiliates with a join incentive. You’ll set this up along with your message templates so that a rule is automatically created in your program and is applied to any affiliates you recruit through the tool. The most popular join incentives are additional cash bonuses on top of commission when the affiliate converts their first sale.

Getting Right To The Source

Recruiting affiliates is tough. As affiliate managers, we’re constantly struggling to find the correct contact person, phone number or email address to onboard new partners. The recruitment tool essentially removes this problem by contacting the affiliate’s email that they used to create their ShareASale account. All invites are sent through the ShareASale recruitment tool so you can’t actually gain access to the email addresses until the affiliates are in your program and you message them; however, it’s comforting to know that your recruitment messages are going to the email account that the affiliate uses specifically for merchant newsletters.

Easy Organization and Follow Up

The recruitment tool allows you to search for affiliates by domain name and ShareASale ID. Once you’ve searched for and located a prospect you can then place them into a bucket. Buckets can be used however you want. You can categorize specific prospects into buckets for reviewers, coupon sites, etc. I personally like to place prospects into buckets for Monday-Friday. With each day having its own bucket, you’ll know to go in that bucket on that day to follow up with anyone who didn’t accept your invite. There is a follow up button that appears after you send your initial invite that makes this really easy.

ShareASale Recruitment Tool

Good luck with all your recruiting efforts and feel free to email us or comment below with any comments or questions. We would love to hear from you!

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