Affiliate Marketing Conferences 2022: The Most Complete List

With the year 2022 being just around the corner, and the world getting a bit more of a grip on the pandemic, we’ve decided to resume publishing our yearly lists of affiliate marketing conferences to attend. We took a break from these lists for a couple of years. But now, as more and more 2022 affiliate conferences are getting announced, it makes sense to resume our routine. In case you haven’t followed our blog earlier, we’ve been publishing our lists of industry conferences since 2009.

Furthermore, not only do we publish these lists of noteworthy events, but we also maintain them up-to-date throughout the year. We have every intention of doing the same in 2022.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the most complete list of affiliate marketing conferences to consider attending!

Affiliate Marketing Conferences 2022

The industry of affiliate marketing is one of the most dynamically evolving ones out there. The same, actually, applies to affiliate conferences. Help us keep the above list relevant and up-to-date by submitting any other directly-relevant conferences through the “Comments” function below. Every such submission will be seriously considered for inclusion.

[Last Updated: 12/05/2022]

2 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Conferences 2022: The Most Complete List”

  1. I´m the PR Director for WebmasterAccess, a hybrid conference that brings together representatives of the international IT community: webmasters, marketers, direct advertisers, as well as the most popular partner and advertising networks.

    This year we’re having our conference in Limassol, Cyprus and I´d love to discuss the possibilities of you listing us on your page.

    1. Andra, buna ziua! 🙂

      I’ve reviewed your conference’s website and I’m afraid it’s still not clear to me whether yours is an “affiliate marketing conference” or not. There’s no agenda that I could find, and the site says that the conference caters to affiliates, content creators, press, academia, startups, developers, etc.

      Could you please clarify the conference’s focus for me (and the readers of my blog)?

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