Free Affiliate Marketing Education for Ukrainians

A good friend of mine (who worked at AM Navigator for several years in the past) has happily lived in Kyiv, Ukraine but had to flee the country once the war started. Last week, when I was checking on her, she shared with me that now, with all of the forced displacement, there is a tremendous need among Ukrainians to acquire new skills and knowledge — especially those that can be applied remotely or while working aboard. Clearly, affiliate marketing fits the bill perfectly.

Coincidentally (or not), not too long ago I recorded a video course for beginners and had it translated and subtitled in 20 different languages. The two most widely-spoken languages of Ukraine — Ukrainian and Russian — were among the twenty languages. Studies show that “Ukrainian is the first language of about 68% of the country’s 44 million residents” while “about 30% of Ukrainians speak Russian as their first language” [source]. So, I’ve decided to make my “Партнерський маркетинг для початківців” (Ukrainian) and “Партнёрский маркетинг для начинающих” (Russian) versions available for free (covering almost the entire population of Ukraine). You may view them below as well as on YouTube.

Партнерський маркетинг для початківців

Партнёрский маркетинг для начинающих

Feel free to share these courses with your Ukrainian friends who may benefit from them.

I’d also like to encourage others to support Ukrainians by helping them acquire new skills during these uneasy times.

Finally, and equally importantly, as an ethnic Russian, I’d like to draw your attention to my earlier Facebook post on the current situation. I stand with my Ukrainian brothers and sisters and I’m appalled by Putin’s war on Ukraine. Слава и свобода Украине!!! 

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