Found a Good Affiliate? Look for Similar Websites (with Free Tool)

I know it sounds simple, but how many of you, especially among beginning affiliate managers, are using this extremely effective method of finding new affiliates?

Looking for similar websites is especially important when you are searching for good content affiliates — yes, those with “unique content” which “suggests editorial credibility and strong search engine placement” [source].

Of course, you may use paid tools (like and Linkdex), but the reality is that the numbers of modest-budget merchants (and affiliate managers) are significantly higher than those who can afford to pay for streamlined affiliate recruitment (which, by the way, is worth every penny, when handled right). On the other hand, free tools like Google’s Blog Search or inexpensive ones like BlogDash do not really allow the breadth of search (you’re stuck just with blogs in both of these examples).

Enter… Let’s say, you run a photography-related affiliate program, and see certain websites already monetizing through affiliate links. Whether they agree to work with you or not is irrelevant for our example, as even if/when they don’t, you can easily find other potential partners (based on an analysis of their website). Let’s take’s listing for example:

Not only do you see (i) similar sites, but they also give you (ii) site topics (read: additional way to find other key influencers in the niche), and (iii) top level key phrases & categories for this website (click that “camera reviews” link, for example, and you’ll get another good list to work with). Furthermore, (iv) the “similar search” function gives you further insight into the key terms that refer traffic to the website and shows you “websites competing on the same organic & paid keywords” (read: also your potential affiliates). And, finally, my favorite one: (v) the “HeatMap” feature gives a quick “attention analysis and eye tracking” snapshot (which comes helpful in negotiating link placements). For savvier users, they also have APIs available.

Important: As all of my 1,100+ articles in this blog, this one is not sponsored. I find the tool useful. Hence, the post. Enjoying playing with this neat little tool!

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10 Responses to “Found a Good Affiliate? Look for Similar Websites (with Free Tool)”

  1. Ken Schultz says:

    Hi Geno

    Does the tool search for affiliate links from specific affiliate networks on the sites? Are networks and languages outside US supported?


    • No, Ken, unfortunately it does not. It only looks up the original domain. E.g.: if you enter “” it will only show you sites similar to ShareASale.

  2. Kush A., says:

    Great site, thank you for sharing Geno.

    Genuinely helpful posts like these is why I’m happily subscribed to your mailing list w/ my main e-mail account; every post gets read.

  3. Costel S. says:

    Thank you for sharing; this is a very helpful tool. I’ll enjoy using it.

  4. Rahul Nair says:

    Really useful tool Geno. It has helped me find really good publishers related to our industry.

    Thanks for sharing the info. Looking forward to your future articles

  5. Markus says:

    Searching for similar sites gets more and more useful these days, especially for marketing purposes. You may also take a look at

  6. Dorithy says:

    I would like to suggest using TopSimilarSites. It’s pretty good alternative to

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