What Makes A Landing Page Affiliate-Friendly?

This is the question I have been e-mailed by three different people shortly after posting my thoughts on How to Kill an Affiliate Campaign With a Landing Page. In addition to doing everything contrary to how things are described in that post, you want to also make sure that your landing page follows these five simple guidelines:

  1. Loads swiftly
  2. Is free of “leaks” (most common one are: banners leading to websites that will not credit your affiliates for the orders that may be made there by the affiliate traffic, phone numbers encouraging people to phone in (unless you have a working mechanism of tracking affiliate-referred orders by phone), and Adsense units)
  3. Contains top quality images (too many merchants use pixelized graphics and low quality product photos)
  4. Is focused on the campaign/promo it is designated for
  5. Has no grammatical mistakes

Easy, isn’t it? The simplicity of these things is so obvious that many merchants simply overlook them. Check your current landing pages against the above bullet points, as well as the problems mentioned in this post, and make sure your affiliates have good landing pages to work with.

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