Common Marketing Mistakes While Microblogging & Twittering

A couple of days ago Rodney @Rumford, author of “Twitter As A Business Tool – Building Your Business 140 Characters At A Time”, has published an excellent piece on the marketing mistakes to avoid on Twitter. I blogged about microblogging as a marketing, affiliate program management, and personal brand management tool not too long ago (see my To Microblog Or Not To Microblog post), and his article really hit home for me.

Rumford lists 7 marketing mistakes that people consistently make on Twitter. These are:

  1. Inconsistent or no visual branding
  2. Not listening for brand mentions and relevant conversations
  3. Failing to interact
  4. Using Twitter as a push marketing channel
  5. Not selecting correct metrics
  6. Not clearly identifying your brand’s Twitterers
  7. Not determining your strategy

These mistakes are also commonly repeated in other online marketing channels, and I would encourage you to look through Rumford’s article at and make your own conclusions.

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