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If you are looking for a guide on how to layout your next affiliate newsletter, you’ve come to the right place. I have been asked this question just today, and it occurred to me that this would make up a helpful blog post, especially for new affiliate program managers.

There are many ways you can layout your affiliate newsletter, but most of the time I personally stick to the following format:

  1. Introduction (with reiteration of how much you appreciate the work your affiliates are doing for you)
  2. Affiliate program and/or website news
  3. Statistics of top performers and/or announcement of contest winners for the previous month (make sure you keep any sensitive information out!)
  4. Bonuses, contests, and affiliate-geared promos for the current month
  5. Ready-made links (with cut-n-paste code included under each), or clear instructions on where they may be picked up
  6. Tool/technique of the month (i.e. an idea for them to grab and start using right away)
  7. Conclusion (reinforce any key information, as well as the fact that you are there for your affiliates, reminding them how exactly you can be contacted)

You may also borrow 5 of the 6 rules of how to make your e-mail recruitment more effective, and make every newsletter of yours (i) personal, (ii) enticing, (iii) concrete, (iv) containing an incentive (or several) to make their partnership with you worth their while, and (v) watch your lexis, syntax and punctuation.

In every one of the above-quoted 7 points, you want to show your affiliates that you value them, and genuinely care. This will greatly multiply your newsletter’s chances of broader success.

2 thoughts on “Affiliate Newsletter Template

  1. Although I don’t have all of the above covered in our affiliate newsletter, I do have most 🙂

    We were bouncing around the idea of some performance stats but it was felt that showing stats would be disclosing too much.

    I feel perhaps the top 5 performer’s earnings for the previous months would not be a breach of privacy and would be a good incentive for other affiliates to work harder.

    I’m still trying to get that one across….

  2. I do not believe there is anything wrong about showing that other affiliates are being successful with your affiliate program. However, when you do so, do delete any private information (like affiliate’s name, unique ID’s, website URL’s, etc). Here are a couple of example of how I do it for one of the affiliate programs I manage: example #1 | example #2

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